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The Many Uses for Clear Span Metal Buildings

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Create More Usable Space

Are you familiar with clear span metal building kits?

Steel’s incredible strength-to-weight ratio allows extremely wide, uninterrupted interior space in rigid-steel buildings. Pre-engineered clear span steel construction eliminates the need for the clumsy, intrusive, load-bearing walls or columns necessary with other building systems.

A large steel building frame without interior supports with the text "When Do You Need a Building that is Clear Span?"So who needs a clear span metal building kit?

Anyone whose operation requires an unobstructed vision or easy maneuverability, that’s who. Here are a few examples:

Agricultural Clear Span Construction

Farm and Ranch Buildings: Modern farmers depend on enormous tractors, hay balers, reapers, combines, cultivators, and other equipment. Their barns, hay sheds, crop storage, equipment storage buildings, and workshops require uncluttered room to store and service their equipment and stockpile feed and crops.

Equestrian Structures: Horse lovers flock to covered and indoor riding arenas. Why miss training sessions because of inclement weather? For example, Medieval Times turned to RHINO Steel Building Systems for their horse training facility in Texas.

Today, many serious horse trainers construct their own personal arenas on their ranches.

Commercial Clear Span Steel Buildings

Aircraft Hangars: It takes lots of open area to maneuver a plane, jet, or helicopter. Steel hangars create the ideal structures to store aircraft.

Terminals, shade shelters, and aircraft maintenance buildings rely on pre-engineered clear span metal buildings, too.

Churches: The open spaces and soaring ceilings afforded by clear span steel buildings create awesome sanctuaries for churches. Larger congregations will find no other building system can supply the airy, open worship area they require.

Retail Operations: Large retailers overwhelmingly choose prefabricated clear span metal building kits. From the 24-hour convenience store around the corner, to the local grocery store, to the gigantic big-box specialty store across town, retailers appreciate unobstructed space to display their wares.

Clear span buildings provide merchants with the freedom to reorganize quickly as seasons and products change.

Restaurants: Arranging an attractive dining area for a busy restaurant takes finesse— and a clear span structure. Why decorate your restaurant to create the perfect atmosphere for your mouth-watering cuisine, only to have the dining area chunked up by intrusive support columns?

Vehicle Showrooms: Whether you are selling boats and jet skis, automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, trucks, or campers and RVs, the showroom has to be a showstopper. You want your customers to see their ideal vehicle across the showroom and fall immediately head-over-heels in love with it.

Vehicle showrooms not only call for immense open space, but also for a huge expanse of glass. Steel buildings easily adapt to both.

Clear Span Metal Buildings for Industry

Assembling Plants: Factories demand open space to get their parts in and completed products out efficiently. In manufacturing plants requiring overhead cranes to move heavy products along the line, steel buildings are essential to handle the load.

Warehouses: No one appreciates the floor plan freedom of clear span metal buildings more than warehousing operations.

Warehousing depends on constant movement. Products come in and go out rapidly. The ability to adapt floor space quickly— and to maneuver with ease— is critical to a smooth-running warehouse operation.

For today’s import and export mega warehouses and gigantic distribution centers, steel is the only viable building choice.

Clear Span Construction for Recreation

Entertainment Facilities: No one wants to sit behind a post in an auditorium, theater, or other entertainment venue. Such facilities rely on metal clear span construction to create the high ceilings and vast expanse that sets the tone for their audiences to enjoy the show.

Outdoor Pavilions: Recreational areas, event venues, city parks, and picnic areas often choose steel buildings to create large open-air covered areas. These structures protect family reunions, outdoor weddings, company picnics, barbeques, and other grand events from extreme heat or unexpected showers. Such events call for the wide clear span area supplied by a pre-engineered metal building system.

Sports Facilities: You cannot play indoor sports in a building with obstructions. Not only do support columns block the spectators’ views, but columns also endanger the athletes. Gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, skating rinks, indoor soccer or baseball fields, tennis courts, and other sports arenas and facilities call for the clear span room that only steel delivers.

RHINO Steel Span Metal Buildings Earn Rave Reviews

Look to RHINO Steel Building Systems for your next clear span construction project. Our system adapts easily to any clear span requirements.

In addition to clear span framing, we offer six other framing systems, each with its own unique applications.

For more details about The RHINO Difference in clear span steel buildings, please call us now at 940.383.9566. Our steel building specialists bring years of experience to your project.