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Steel Buildings for Baseball Facilities

Why Metal Buildings are the Heavy Hitters of Indoor Baseball Buildings

Steel buildings for baseball house all the best facilities in the country.

Why? Because a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) hits a home run every time.

Coach with four baseball players in an indoor batting facilityIt Happens Every Spring

As April rolls around, sports fans of all ages turn their attention to America’s favorite pastime: baseball. From Little Leagues to Major Leagues, we are all captivated by a good nail-biting baseball game.

Baseball players of every age are serious about improving. They cannot allow the frequent storms of spring to interrupt their practice and training. Indoor baseball training facilities allow coaches, players— and others who just love baseball— to put in the time to take their game to the next level.

Rhino sports facility construction can be used for baseball facilities as well as to frame many sports-related structures, including:

  • Batting cages and tunnels
  • Field snack shops
  • Full-sized indoor baseball diamonds
  • Indoor training facilities
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Pro shops
  • Shade covers for bleachers
  • Shelters for team buses
  • Weight and workout rooms

Steel Buildings for Baseball Hit a Homer

PEMBs provide benefits for baseball facilities unmatched by other building systems:

  • WIDE OPEN SPACES: Indoor sports need lots of room. Steel’s strength allows unobstructed “clear span” space, which means 100% usable room. A PEMB design stretches as far as 300-feet in width, 40-feet or more in height, and to any length needed.
  • LOW COST: Affordable to build and maintain, steel buildings for baseball strike out the competition. No other building material matches the versatility, price, or low operating cost of a PEMB. The metal building fastball— with its easy bolt-together construction— strips 33% off construction time. Even the insurance is cheaper on a commercial-grade steel building.
  • LOWER UTILITIES: Players and fans will be working up a sweat in an indoor baseball or sports building. They’ll need great ventilation and year-round comfort to keep them coming back to your facility. With a great professional insulation system, climate control costs far less in a deep-walled steel structure, slicing heating cooling costs in half.

Two images show a school's steel building batting cage under construction and then completed.Hit a Grand Slam with RHINO Steel Buildings

Why take a chance on a bush league metal building company? Sign up with the real winners in steel buildings at RHINO Steel Building Systems.

RHINO earned its impressive batting average over almost 20 years of experience in low-rise construction projects. In addition to baseball facilities and other sports and recreational structures, RHINO offers buildings for aviation, agriculture, churches, commercial enterprises, industry, and personal use.

The RHINO roster contains no rookies; our lineup of seasoned metal building specialists drives it over the plate with precision.

Trust the RHINO bring their “A” game to every building project. They supply top-of-the-line steel sports facility construction — and bring your construction project in on time and on budget, season after season.

RHINO’s experienced players are warming up in the bullpen right now. Call our Steel Building Team today at 940.383.9566 for more information and a free quote on your project.