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What is the Process of Ordering a Steel Building with RHINO?

building blueprints

Steel buildings are large, complex structures designed to meet your unique needs — so it’s no wonder you can’t just hit “Add to Cart” when you’re ready for one! Thankfully, RHINO steel building specialists are here to make the process of ordering your building a breeze. Here’s what you can expect.

Step One: Permits

The first thing your RHINO steel building specialist will review with you is how you will want to proceed with the order: either via a permit hold, or a production order.

A permit hold requires engineer-stamped permit drawings for approval prior to releasing for production. Once the permit is approved, production can move forward.

A production order means you have already verified all loads and codes, like wind speed, snow load, exposure, and building codes. If you are ready to release it for production, then we do not need to wait for permit approval.

How do I know if I need a permit?

The short answer is: you probably do! Very few rural areas do not require permits, but you should always call your county or city to be certain. We engineer our buildings to meet current IBC codes, but local codes can change rapidly or have different requirements. Check with your local government to determine permitting processes and procedures.

Step Two: Building Information

Once we know we’re moving forward, you get to move on to the fun part: designing your building! During this stage, you’ll choose your building’s color, roof type, and other aesthetic options. We’ll also verify your name, billing, and shipping information.

Step Three: Contracts

When your building looks right, we create an electronic order packet. This includes the contract for you to sign. At this time, a 25% deposit is required to release the construction plans to the engineering department. The final 75% is due via cashier’s check upon delivery.

Step Four: Drawings & Delivery Dates

After the order has been processed and the deposit has been paid, the engineering department begins working on your building plans. Depending on the complexity of your project and current lead times, most customers will receive tentative drawings of their building within 2-4 weeks, and we’ll work with you to find the right delivery date for your materials. Knowing your ideal timelines and deadlines is crucial for us to get you your RHINO steel building on time!


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