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    Not all steel building companies are alike. Our exceptional prefabricated steel buildings and first-rate customer service set us apart from the common herd. It’s what we call The RHINO Difference.

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    December 7, 2020December 7, 2020 To keep our customers informed, we wanted you to know that we have received another price increase notice from several steel suppliers. The first steel increase will be in the 5% to 7% range, effective on all orders entered after December 11th, 2020.The next steel increase will be in the 6% to 8% range, effective on all orders entered after January 4th, 2021. The new pricing is due to many factors but results mainly from an increase in demand, lack of supply, and trade cases that have created a reduction of foreign steel entering the United States. We are forced to pass along the increases as they come to us, but want to keep you informed as market conditions change. If you are in a position to make a decision, now is your time to save money on your steel building purchase. Once the building has been ordered for production the price is locked in and will be protected through shipment provided the building is not delayed by the customer. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Sincerely, Mat BrownPresident [...] Read more...
    May 15, 2019Quick Tips for Controlling Metal Building Construction Costs Are you thinking about starting a metal building project?  Following these guidelines will help you save money— and unnecessary headaches— through the metal building construction process. By buying a pre-engineered kit for your steel building project, you are already eliminating many of the budget-blowing blunders common in labor-intensive stick-by-stick construction. Proficient use of material keeps prefabricated steel building costs to a minimum.  The epitome of efficiency, a well-fabricated metal building kit shaves one-third off construction time.  Every piece of the framing arrives ready to assemble.  There is no time wasted culling out bad lumber, measuring pieces, and sawing studs. Moreover, steel’s unmatched strength means fewer framing pieces are needed to a much stronger structure. Your job is to make your construction process as efficient as your metal building package. Be Realistic First, define your budget. For example, don’t start out by asking, “How much will the building I want cost?”  The real question is, “How much do I realistically want to spend on this steel building project?”  Keep in mind that the building itself is usually only 40%-50% of the total cost. Your costs must include everything from the ground up— literally.  Consider the following building expenses for a typical steel building project: LandBuilding permits, fees, and inspectionsImpact study (if required)Builder’s risk insuranceUtility and sewer hookupsEarthwork and excavationFoundationMetal building package and shippingFraming erection crew (DIY builders save here)Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installationAdditional exterior finish (brick, stucco, stone, etc., if required)Interior finishing (interior walls, fixtures, doors, cabinets, etc., if required)Final gradingParking and roadwork (if required) Be Determined Have you heard the expression that the devil is in the details? If this is your first building project, the number of details in the construction process may horrify you.  Do not let that discourage you!  Thousands of people have survived their own metal building project, and so can you.  (In fact, many RHINO customers are so pleased with the results that they order additional buildings from us!) The trick is to take it one step at a time and stay organized.  Make your mind up to finish this project within your budget.  Review your budget cautiously— and often. Be Thorough Again, staying on top of the details is the best way to stay on budget. Build your timeline carefully. Do not try to keep all these details in your head!  Write it down or enter it on your smart phone or tablet.  Search the internet for project management software and apps to help you with this process. In addition, you should develop a punch list— a list of things left to do.  Keep the list up-to-date.  Add any potential problems noticed by crew, contractors, or building inspectors immediately.  Correct the problem as soon as possible. Be Flexible Are you interested in saving money on your building? Well then, to cut your metal building budget, ask your building supplier what money-saving modifications they would suggest.  Often simple design changes can make a big difference in price— without compromising the function of your building. Do you have building experience? Many builders on a budget elect to erect their own metal building project to cut costs. Be Accessible Great communication is paramount to a successful buildout.  And, really, there is no excuse for not staying in contact— not in today’s high-tech world. For example, use the phone, text, or email, or arrange face-to-face meetings, but stay in touch.  Keep your building department, steel building company, concrete contractor, building inspectors, erection crew, and subcontractors up-to-date until their part in your project is completed. Be Focused Keep your eye on the bottom line, adding unexpected costs as they occur. Ignored budgets will swell exponentially.  In fact, it is not unusual for building projects to go 15%-20% over budget.  However, busting the budget is preventable. The following budget-busters tend to trip up novice builders.  Avoid these costly building mistakes: Scope Creep:  As your enthusiasm about your steel building project soars, so do your building ideas.  The scope of the project keeps expanding, as little “enhancements” to the original design creep in.  All of these improvements sound reasonable— until you look at the accumulative effect on your bottom line.  Therefore, consider your plans very carefully before you place your order. Change Orders:  Making additions and changes to your design after the order reaches production is a body blow to the budget.  Do not release your plans for production until you are satisfied with all the details. Bill of Lading:  When your building kit arrives, inspect the framing materials.  Check the bill of lading point by point.  Be absolutely sure that nothing is damaged or missing before you attempt construction. Erection Crew:  Having too few— or too many— workers on the job is inefficient.  Therefore, you should consult with your steel building company.  They should be able to give you sound advice on the right sized crew to handle your project effectively. Equipment:  What equipment do I need to assemble the steel framing?  Should you rent a forklift?  A scissor scaffold?  A crane? Again, consult with your steel building company about the type of equipment you will need. Safety:  Proper equipment, thorough training, and extra care can prevent costly job site injuries. Security:  Protect your job site from theft and vandalism!  Hire a security service, if necessary. Be Patient Understand from the beginning that delays are inevitable. For example, weather profoundly affects construction scheduling, and you cannot control that.  Plus, you will find other unexpected scheduling problems arise with subcontractors.  Remember, their schedules also must adapt after bad weather. As hard as you try to remain on budget, costly and unforeseen delays and problems will occur.    Adjust your budget, your schedule, and your expectations when necessary. Conclusion With careful planning and attention to details, you can keep your steel building project on time and on budget. RHINO Metal Building Projects RHINO Steel Building Systems’ metal buildings are the ideally suited to budget-minded building. For over twenty years, RHINO has assisted thousands of customers with successful buildouts of their dream structures.  Our courteous and knowledgeable metal building consultants are here to help you. Call RHINO at 940.383.9566 for more information about our prefabricated commercial-grade steel buildings. Test our metal today!  We offer expert advice, free quotes, and friendly service. [...] Read more...
    May 8, 2019Finding the Best Metal Building Company Before You Buy Smart buyers want to know more about their metal building supplier than just the price.  A cheap price is not always the best deal on a pre-engineered steel building. The following questions will help you determine whether you are really getting your money’s worth with a particular metal building company. How Reliable is the Metal Building Supplier? First of all, you want to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable steel building company. Where are you located? A nearby sales office is not necessary, but it is sometimes convenient for larger, more complicated structures.How long have you been in business? If it is a new company, with little verifiable history, you might want to reconsider doing business with them.Do you have a factory near me? The closer the factory is to your location, the less you will pay for shipping.Can you supply me with references? If they dither on an answer to this question— or worse, refuse to supply references at all— cut and run.How experienced is your sales team? An experienced metal building specialist offers tips and shortcuts that can really save you money.  Moreover, they will treat you with respect and courtesy, willingly answering all your questions— without pushing you for an immediate sale.  Beware of any aggressive salesperson that has been trained to push hard to seal the deal. How Good is the Metal Building Kit? Secondly, determine the quality of the building product offered by this metal building supplier. What type of steel building do you sell? Not all steel buildings are the same.  Is this a pre-engineered kit with commercial-grade rigid steel?  Or is it a lighter steel product?How versatile is your framing system? Does this system actually fulfill the needs of your building project?Can I customize my metal building? If your project has specific needs beyond the basic box metal building, inform your company contact.  Make sure that your ideal building is not beyond the capabilities of their framing system.  Also, ask about the metal building supplier’s change order policy.  If you decide to “tweak” the design after fabrication has begun, the change order can be very expensive.  Finalize your design before you place your order.Are your buildings easy to enlarge? Do you have plans for future expansions of your structure?  If so, make sure expansions are possible and economical with this system.What warranties do your metal buildings carry? If the company does not stand behind their product, shop elsewhere.What type of steel sheathing do you use? Some steel building suppliers use thin 29-gauge steel cladding with weak connections and less overlap between the sheets.  If the customer wants something stronger, the price suddenly jumps up.  (Look for extra-strong 26-gauge PBR panels for the best results.)What other exteriors are possible? Better steel systems allow the use of any typical building exteriors, including glass, stone, brick, stucco, tilt-up concrete,Is the framing prefabricated for easier erection? Are the framing components cut, welded, drilled, painted, and marked at the factory to facilitate quick assembly?Do your metal building kits include any special features? Higher quality building kits offer special waterproofing features not available with cut-rate kits.  Moreover, premiere building kits include door and opening trim, tighter-fitting ridge caps, rust-resistant formed base trim, pre-welded clips, and more.Are all the fasteners included? Most pre-engineered metal building kits include all the bolts, nuts, and self-drilling screws required to erect the framing.  Typically, the customer or concrete contractor purchases the foundation bolts locally.  Also, ask for details about the quality and rust resistance of the fastenersWhat other options do you offer? Can you purchase entry doors, overhead doors, and windows, and have them shipped with the framing kit?  Does the company offer insulation packages, gutter systems, canopies, skylights, vents, etc.? What are the Limitations of the Metal Building System? Next, discover if the building system actually fits your structures dimensions. What sizes are available? Again, you want to be sure that they adapt to your needs, not try to coerce you into compromising your design to their preferences.  Keep in mind, however, that an experienced sales consultant often suggests possible modifications to improve your design or lower your costs.What are the size limitations? In other words, will the dimensions of your proposed structure fit within the parameters possible for this building system?  This is especially important if you need an exceptionally large structure or a clear spanWill the building be designed for my specific use and location? A reliable metal building supplier designs and engineers the structure specifically to the customer’s preferences and to the local building codes. Finally, Pricing Once you have uncovered the reliability of the company, the quality of their structures, and the parameters of their system, you can finally get to the bottom line— what is it going to cost? How much will my steel building cost? Remember, the more specific you can be, the more exact your quote will be.What exactly is included at this price?  What is part of a “standard” package may vary from one company to the next.  Any options chosen beyond that will add to your total price.  Make sure your quote includes an exact list of what is included.How long is my price locked in? Like any other building material, steel prices fluctuate from time to time.  Ask how long the company will hold your quoted price.How long will it take to ship? Depending on the complexity of your design, fabrication and shipping normally takes six to seven weeks for most companies.  However, some steel building suppliers can ship in as little as four weeks for simpler designs and smaller structures. Conclusion Informed buyers make the best choices.  Ask questions.  Compare prices and service.  Then choose the deal that is ultimately best for your project and budget. RHINO Challenges You to Test Our Metal RHINO Steel Building Systems invites you to look us over.  Our experienced metal building specialists can answer all your questions.  We are proud of our company, our buildings, and our prices. We have built our reputation one structure at a time over two decades.  Our extraordinary number of returning building buyers proves we’re doing it right.  In addition, RHINO boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our steel framing is guaranteed to meet— or exceed— all your current local building codes for the lifetime of your structure! Join the thousands of satisfied RHINO customers.  Call us today at 940.383.9566.  RHINO is headquartered in Denton, Texas.  However, we ship from multiple locations to anywhere in North America. [...] Read more...
    May 1, 2019Why Pre-engineered Steel Building Foundations Demand Precision Precision and strength are especially important for metal building foundations.  A sloppy or inadequate concrete foundation seriously weakens the strength and durability of your pre-engineered metal building. Peruse these seven foundation tips for successful steel building construction… #1: Precision Equals Quality Framing Prefabricated steel buildings promise precision.  Every part of the steel building kit is designed, engineered, and fabricated to exacting tolerances. Consequently, a quality-made steel building does not allow you to “fudge” the framing to fit a haphazard or out-of-square foundation. #2: Precision Also Equals a Quality Foundation Every foundation also needs to be designed, engineered, and poured with the same commitment to quality and precision as the steel framing that rests on it.  The concrete footing and the building kit must work in tandem. A well-designed and executed foundation should: Match the steel building system exactly. All steel buildings are not the same.  One foundation does not fit all.Meticulously insert steel anchor bolts in the wet concrete precisely as designated on the plan supplied by the manufacturer.Meet all your local building codes.Be designed specifically for your soil and weather conditions.Have crisp, perfectly square corners.Contain sufficient concrete to support not only the building, but also the weight of its perceived contents. #3:  A Quality Concrete Contractor is Worth the Cost Don’t try to cut corners on your concrete work.  Hire the best contractor you can find. Look for a concrete contractor experienced with pre-engineered metal buildings. Investigate several concrete businesses.  Ask for references.  Are they licensed?  Are they fully insured?  Do they have a sterling reputation?  How does the Better Business Bureau rate them? #4:  Metal Building Foundations Types Most steel buildings rest on solid slabs.  However, other traditional footing styles work with steel buildings, too. For example, you may prefer perimeter footings or piers for livestock and covered horse riding arenas with dirt floors. #5. Don’t Forget Your Permit Before you begin any construction, obtain your building permits.  Staying compliant with local building codes avoids later construction nightmares. #6. Lay Your Groundwork Before your foundation work begins, prepare the building site. Your footing must rest on a solid and level foundation bed.  Unless you have excavation experience, hire a professional, licensed excavation contractor— especially for commercial and industrial projects. #7. Allow the Concrete to Set Do not rush to erect your steel framing.  Be sure your foundation is thoroughly dried before allowing construction to begin. Curing cement takes longer than most people think— especially on larger projects with thicker concrete footings.  Weather, temperature, and ventilation all play a part in the concrete drying process. If time is a critical factor, consult with your concrete contractor.  Chemical additions made to the concrete mix promote faster curing of the foundation. Conclusion Never compromise on metal building foundations!  The success of your construction project literally rests on your building’s foundation. RHINO: Foundationally Secure At RHINO Steel Building Systems, we have built our business on a firm foundation of high-quality metal buildings and congenial, expert customer service.  After over 20 years in operation, that formula has proven highly successful.  Today, thousands of RHINO steel buildings now proudly stand all across North America. You can rely on RHINO’s vast construction know-how, as well as our premiere prefab building packages. Let our experienced specialists assist you.  They will gladly answer all your questions about metal building foundations— and offer handy tips that bring your project in on time and on budget. Is this your first building project?  Trust our experts to help you avoid the foundation pitfalls faced by first-time building buyers. Make your next building project a RHINO metal building.  Contact RHINO today at 940.383.9566. [...] Read more...

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