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RHINO Prefab Workshops

Steel Building Workshop Kits for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Metal prefab workshops fulfill the fantasy of every do-it-yourselfer.

Whatever your ideal home shop, RHINO metal building workshops can create the perfect workspace for you.

DIY Steel Workshop Kits

Icon depicting a man working in his metal building workshop.Do-it-yourselfers are independent thinkers.  They find building or repairing things with their own two hands both relaxing and rewarding.  Tinkering on something practical gets their imaginative juices flowing.

The problem is finding the space to work and house their pride and joy— their tools.

That is just one of the reasons so many do-it-yourselfers choose steel building workshops; they can literally build it themselves.  Constructing a personalized steel building workshop becomes not only a means to an end, but a fun, money-saving project in itself.

Endless Possibilities for Steel Building Workshops

Three examples of various RHINO prefab workshops.The uses for steel prefab workshops defy the limits of imagination.  Your ideal workshop might include space for one— or several— of the following:

  • Audio/video editing equipment or home recording studio
  • Auto bodywork shop
  • Bathroom and/or shower
  • Car, boat, and RV space with multi-use prefab garage kits
  • Electronics/computer lab
  • Furniture building
  • Hobby shop
  • Home office
  • Lawn and garden equipment and tools
  • Mechanical or metal shop and tools
  • Room for serious, on-going work— and fun weekend projects
  • Storage for classic automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, or bicycles
  • Storage space for household overflow
  • Welding equipment and work area
  • Woodworking and carpentry tools and projects
  • Workbenches and supply cabinets
  • Privacy!

Why Choose Steel Prefab Workshops?

Photos of three more room steel building workshops.The strengths of RHINO metal workshop buildings are both legion and legendary.  RHINO-tough metal building workshops promise:

  • Commercial-grade steel framing with a high-recycled content
  • Affordability— especially for do-it-yourselfers
  • Clear span interior for complete freedom from unwieldy interior columns
  • Fast and simple framing erection
  • Resistance to damage from high winds, termites, lightning, vermin, earthquakes, and mold
  • Fire-resistance— which is especially important in workshops
  • Big discounts on insurance
  • Pro-Value insulation for year-round comfort and lower utilities
  • No overhead webbing that attracts messy birds
  • Easy expansion
  • Increased property value— and sales appeal
  • Flexibility of use, as your interests and needs change
  • Many additional waterproofing and leak-resistant features
  • Virtually maintenance-free ownership, so no wasted time on upkeep
  • A strong, lasting workshop that retains its beauty and value for decades
  • RHINO’s guarantee that the steel framing will meet or exceed all current local building codes for the lifetime of the structure
  • Customizing options to complete your workshop to your specific needs


RHINO can deliver metal workshop buildings and prefab garage kits to exactly fit every do-it-yourselfer’s individual need and budget.

Envision Your Dream Steel Building Workshop

Interior photos of a combination garage, office, workshop steel building.Call RHINO to discuss our metal building workshops today.  Our experienced steel building specialists will assist you with sizes, options, and customizing our workshop kits to your vision.

Speak to a helpful RHINO adviser now at 940.383.9566 to start designing your prefab workshops.

(Updated 8-26-2020.  Originally published 2-21-2014.)