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DIY Steel Building Shop

Using a Prefab Metal Building for the Ultimate Workshop

Every true do-it-yourselfer deserves a fantastic steel building shop.  No matter what your do-it-yourself passion, you will find your creative juices flowing in a roomy, comfortable, well-organized workshop.

The ultimate workshop space, thanks to prefab metal buildings.As a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, you already have a head spinning with ideas for building your own workshop. You supply the ideas, and let RHINO supply the prefabricated steel building shop kit to fit your needs.

Dare to dream it, and then dare to build it yourself with a RHINO steel building kit! Learn more about our kits so you can build your own shop today!

Let’s Talk Shop Kits

While most people think of pre-engineered metal buildings as “kits,” that is really a misnomer.  “Kits” implies we have a warehouse full of ready-to-ship buildings in set sizes, like a supplier for little garden sheds, but that’s not the way we work.

When you buy a RHINO steel building, you set the exact size and choose the precise features you want.  Then we go to work designing and manufacturing your personalized steel building shop “kit.”

So Why Choose a Steel Building Shop?

Do-it-yourselfers enjoy building or repairing things with their own two hands.  That is why so many do-it-yourselfers choose metal building workshops— they can literally build it themselves— with the help of a few friends.

Constructing your own metal building shop is not only easy and rewarding, but a fun, money saving project, too. The benefits of our DIY steel buildings include:

  • Fast, simple framing erection
  • Ultra-strong, commercial-grade steel framing
  • Affordable to buy, build, and operate
  • Optional Pro-Value insulation package for year-round comfort
  • Increased fire-resistance— especially important in workshops using volatile chemicals, wood materials, or spark-producing welding
  • Substantial insurance discounts with most carriers
  • No unwieldy interior columns
  • Resistance to damage from high winds, lightning, termites, vermin, earthquakes, and mold
  • Increased property value and sales appeal
  • Many superior leak-resistant features  at no extra cost
  • Virtually maintenance-free care
  • Your choice of steel panel and trim colors, gutters, skylights, and other customizing options
  • Clear span gives you unlimited layout options for your equipment

Imagine the Possibilities for Your Own Steel Workshop

Can you envision it?

  • Room to organize all your tools and equipment
  • Counter tops and uncluttered workbenches
  • Rolling tool and supply storage units
  • Cabinets and shelving to make everything you need easily accessible
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Great lighting to reduce shadows on your workspaces
  • Plentiful electrical outlets
  • Terrific ventilation
  • All the amenities: computer station, bathroom, shop sink, and refrigerator
  • Maybe even a big-screen TV for downtime with the big game

If you can dream it, RHINO can produce it for you!  Whether your dream workshop is a cozy garage-sized structure— or the size of Santa’s workshop— RHINO’s got you covered.

Speak to a RHINO metal building specialist today about building your own workshop. They’ll answer all your questions, supply you with support materials, give you expert advice on ways to improve your dream shop— and provide a fast quote on your project.  Call us at 940.383.9566.

Together, we can make your steel building shop vision become a reality.