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RHINO Metal Structures and Horse Barns

Why Outlaw Equine Selects RHINO Metal Structures for Veterinary Hospital Design

Outlaw Equine Hospital and Rehab Center chose RHINO steel buildings and horse barns for their state-of-the-art, newly designed animal clinic near Decatur, Texas.

Medical Care for Equine Athletes

Icon depicting metal horse barns.Dr. Josh Harvey, DVM, opened Outlaw Equine (OE) in 2007.

Specializing in performance-based medicine, the facility’s reputation for results spread quickly.

OE’s fully equipped center and professional staff provide diagnosis, treatment, nutritional support, and care for horses.  Consequently, Dr. Harvey and his dedicated team keep their equine athletic patients at peak performance.

Twenty-four time World Champion Cowboy Trevor Brazile is just one of the professional clients that trust the “platinum performance” of OE for their mounts.

Moreover, Brazile says preventive maintenance, saltwater therapy, and swimming at OE keep his horses at their best.

Overhead view of Outlaw Equine's sprawling vet clinic and rehab center.In addition, Tuf Cooper, the three-time champion tie-down roper, is another client of OE.

RHINO Frames Harvey’s Dream Facility

OE quickly outgrew its first location.  Therefore, Dr. Harvey soon began planning his dream equestrian clinic.

In June 2012, construction on the new center began.

First, a 100’ x 70’ x 21’ RHINO steel structure formed the front portion of the clinic for offices.

Secondly, a 100’ x 230’ x 15’ RHINO steel building was built to house the rehab facilities.

Huge equestrian rehab center includes 15' high walls and skylights.Skylights in the second structure add natural lighting.  Vents help keep the interior comfortable and reduce moisture build up.

Soon after, OE added a third 90’ x 100’ x 14’ RHINO structure.  This open-air steel building covers their outdoor equestrian exercise facility.

RHINO Premium Quality Horse Barns and Steel Structures

Like Outlaw Equine, RHINO is dedicated to exceptional service.  Consequently, many of our customers, just like OE, repeatedly choose our metal structures for all their construction projects.

In fact, 30% of our sales in the past twelve months came from returning customers and their referrals.

The other thing that sets RHINO apart from the common herd of metal building companies is our product.

Horses stand in whirlpool baths at this horse barn spa in Texas.Indeed, our superlative steel buildings are loaded with extra high-grade features not found in other horse barn kits and prefab metal structures.  Therefore, we call these premium features THE RHINO DIFFERENCE.

Out products use only commercial-grade steel.  In addition, other value-added features include:

  • Pre-welded clips
  • Formed-based trim
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Premium rust resistant steel cladding
  • Die-formed ridge caps
  • Waterproofing extras


In conclusion, RHINO delivers the best deal in steel for animal clinics and other metal structures.

Call RHINO Today for Vet Hospital Design Services!

A 90' x 100' open-air steel structure covers this equestrian exercise ring.Chat with a friendly RHINO specialist now about building animal clinics or horse barn kits.  In fact, you will find RHINO steel structures adapt perfectly to all your building needs, including:

  • Airplane hangars
  • Barns, stables, hay sheds, and livestock covers
  • Big box stores
  • Churches
  • Commercial and retail businesses
  • Home offices, detached garages, storage, workshops, and other spacious backyard buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Recreational buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Self-storage businesses
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • And more!

Call RHINO’s toll free hotline at 940.383.9566.  Request more information or a free fast quote for veterinary hospital design and construction.

In truth, once you build with us, like Outlaw Equine, you too will be hooked on RHINO!

(Updated 8-21-2019.  Originally published 7-22-2016.)