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The Clear Span Steel Building Alternative

Choosing Between Multi-Span and Clear Span Buildings

We covered the many uses for a clear span steel building in our last post, but not every structure needs to be free of interior columns. For such applications, a multi-span metal building (also known as modular framing) may offer a better buy.

Multi-Span vs. Clear Span Steel Buildings

Four illustration depict the types of clear span and multi-span steel building framingSome types of structures simply demand unobstructed space. Gymnasiums, aircraft hangars, horseback riding arenas, church sanctuaries, and large equipment storage buildings cannot function efficiently with interfering interior supports. For such structures, clear span metal buildings clearly work best.

However, for other structures with extra-large spans— huge warehouses, enormous manufacturing plants, big box retail operations, and so forth— a multi-span with limited interior supports offers a more economical choice.


The greater the uninterrupted width of a structure, the larger and heavier the steel columns and rafters must be to handle the load. More steel means a higher cost-per-square foot. A multi-span building system with minimal interior columns requires less total steel, making it a better bargain in extremely wide structures.

You Be the Judge

Most RHINO steel building clients choose clear span structures. Indeed, steel’s ability to create unobstructed interiors is one reason so many people opt for a pre-engineered metal building system. Nevertheless, our customers find super-sized structures cost less with a multi-span system.

Ultimately, only the customer can decide what system best fits their needs and budget. However, if the project is exceptionally large, ask your RHINO metal building specialist for quotes on both a clear span steel building and the alternative multi-span system. The bottom line may make the decision for you.

RHINO Offers the Best System at the Best Price

The RHINO steel building specialists bring decades of experience to your building project. Trust them to answer all your questions and help you make informed choices. They offer expert advice on what system works best for your project, as well as provide timely quotes.

Want to know more? Call RHINO at 940.383.9566 today.

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