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Planting Profits in Steel Building Garden Centers

Icon-like graphic representing upward trends in Amerca's retail gardening industry.Sowing Sales and Reaping Rewards in Retail Gardening

Owners of steel building garden centers are raking in their share of plant-based profits.

A Growing Business

Retail gardening in the U.S. is flourishing.  In fact, recent revenue reports place 2018 nursery and gardening sales at $48 billion!

Over the past five years, annualized sales increased 4.2% on average.  Moreover, experts predict a steady 4.3% increase to continue through 2023.  Clearly, now is the time to put down roots in the gardening business.

But what makes pre-engineered metal buildings ideal for the retail gardening industry?

Steel Building Garden Centers Come Up Smelling Like Roses

Whether it is an 800 sq. ft. farm stand, a 2,400 sq. ft. feed and seed store, or a 50,000 square-foot garden center, steel frames most retail garden shops.

But what makes pre-engineered metal buildings ideal for the retail gardening industry?

Gardening retailers choose metal buildings for the same reasons warehouses and industrial builders choose steel:

  • Prefabricated metal buildings are economical to buy, build, and operate.
  • Steel buildings span as far as 300 feet wide without any interior supports.
  • There are no limits to a metal building’s length.
  • Metal building ceilings can soar to 40-feet high— or more.
  • Commercial red iron metal buildings resist damage from fire, earthquakes, and extreme weather far better than other structures.

Creating a Bumper Crop of Customers

Like any other retail operation, successful gardening centers focus on bringing customers in— and keeping them coming back.

First, attract the customer visually.  Consider the following before you build:

  • Location is everything. Find a spot with high traffic and excellent visibility.
  • Plan a site layout with easy customer access— and room for later expansion.
  • Design an enticing and eye-catching structure. Steel building garden centers do not have to look like metal barns.  You may finish your metal building with brick, stone, and lots of glass windows where you can display vibrant plants.
  • Showcase your expertise— and inspire your customers to buy— with striking plantings and landscaping around your business.

Secondly, design your operation for the customer’s convenience.

Business Blooms Where Customers enjoy Shopping

Make your gardening clients want to explore— and buy— everything.  Think about the following from your shopper’s point of view:

  • Is there plenty of light throughout your store? Both customers and plants will thrive with optimal lighting.
  • Is there enough ventilation? If the building smells musty, moldy, or like chemical fertilizers, shoppers may cut their visit short.  Indoor air quality is crucial to your success.
  • Did you allow ample space for customers to move comfortably? Crowded aisles without room to maneuver easily around other buyers may frustrate browsers— and cost you sales.
  • Do you have your high-demand items placed at the back of the store? Increase your chance of impulse buying by encouraging traffic flow throughout the store.
  • Do you plan to offer educational events? Keep customers coming back for more by hosting do-it-yourself gardening seminars on topics such as: houseplant care, organic gardening, flowerbeds, planters, landscaping ideas, or a children’s gardening club.  Be sure to include room in your building design for workshop space!
  • Do you have an active social media presence? Today’s customers delight in social media connections, tips and tricks, and how-to videos.  Keep your business on their mind with periodic ideas and promotions.

Use Your Green Thumb to Grow Nice Green Cash!

Today’s gardening industry is a budding opportunity.  Do not wait to plant your new business or expand a current gardening retail operation with RHINO Steel Building Systems.

Call RHINO now at 940.383.9566 and discover the RHINO Difference in commercial and industrial buildings.  Ask for a free quote on garden center construction.