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Metal Buildings in Texas for Farms and Ranches

Why Steel Buildings Appeal to the Ag Market in the Lone Star State

Prefab metal buildings in Texas are ideal for all agricultural structures in the state.  In fact, Lone Star farmers and ranchers were among the first to appreciate the advantages of metal building kits.

And what’s not to like about steel ranch barns?  Today’s steel buildings are attractive, economical, simple to erect, easy to maintain, and durable.

Texas Leads the Nation in Farms and Ranches

Blue and red graphic image depicting a horse in a metal barn in Texas.There are more farms and ranches in Texas than in any other state— 248,800.  According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas farms and ranches cover over 130.2 million acres.

In fact, two of the largest agricultural operations in the country claim Texas as home.

The King Ranch, founded in 1853 in south Texas, covers 1,289 square miles.  That’s a whopping 825,000 acres!

In North Texas, the Waggoner Ranch spreads across 796 square miles.  That’s more area than all of New York City.

In fact, the Waggoner, founded in 1849,  is the largest contiguous ranch in America.  This impressive piece of real estate spans six counties.

The Waggoner Ranch sold for the first time in 2016— for a jaw-dropping $725 million!

However, these behemoth ranching operations do not represent the norm in Texas farms and ranches.

Texas Rural Dwellers Love Metal Barns and Buildings

Today’s average Texas farm and ranch covers 523 acres.

Snazzy red and white example of RHINO metal barns in Texas.But large or small, Lone Star farmers and ranchers depend on metal building kits in Texas for all their ag building needs.

Texas also boasts the largest rural population of all the states.  In fact, over three million Texans live in the country.  That’s 12% of the states total population.

Many of these rural dwellers live on working farms or ranches.  However, a leisurely drive through the countryside shows most small acreage rural homesteads also include one or more metal barns and storage buildings.

RHINO’s Texas Metal Buildings

So why do so many rural-dwellers choose RHINO steel buildings in Texas? They trust our metal prefab ranch barns to stand up to the rigors of rural life.

RHINO’s commercial-grade steel buildings in Texas offer built-in resistance to damage from strong winds, fire, lightning, termites, mold, rot, and aging.

Beautiful metal building horse stables and metal barns in Texas.From metal barns to hay sheds, and stables to riding arenas, RHINO metal buildings provide the strongest protection at the best price.  That is why Texas farmers, ranchers, and rural dwellers trust Denton-based RHINO Steel Buildings Systems for all their structural needs.

RHINO agricultural buildings offer terrific advantages, including:

  • High-quality products at an affordable price
  • Clear spans up to 300-feet
  • Easy care
  • Fast, simple, bolt-together framing
  • Multiple customizing options
  • Rafter-free ceilings
  • Strength and durability
  • Unlimited versatility


The sun sets over a huge rural metal building in Texas.From Texas-sized farms and ranch barns to small rural homesteads, you can’t beat prefab steel buildings in Texas.

Call RHINO today

Ask our experienced farm, ranch, and rural building specialists for a free quote for agricultural structures, storage buildings, and metal barns in Texas.

RHINO infographic with 12 Tips for Planning metal barns and steel farm buildings.Find out for yourself why RHINO provides the best metal buildings in Texas— and all across North America, too.

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(Updated 6-26-2019.  Originally published 2-9-2018.)