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Metal Building Trim for Openings

Why RHINO Steel Building Kits include Door Trim

Metal building trim for openings is just one of several elements that separate a cheap-looking structure from an attractive and professional-looking steel building.  Consequently, all RHINO metal building packages include metal building trim pieces— and at no additional cost.

Not all Metal Building Kits are Alike

Graphic of a metal building with trim.Many metal building companies choose to cut corners to increase their profit margins.  They think consumers will not notice the differences between their metal building packages and high-quality steel building packages like RHINO metal building kits.

At RHINO, we believe smart metal building buyers do their homework. 

Our customers appreciate The RHINO Difference in metal building construction.  We know this is true because so many of our customers continue to buy more RHINO steel buildings— and refer RHINO to their friends and family. 

In fact, in the past twelve months over 30% of our sales came from repeat buyers and their referrals.

Why is Opening Trim for Metal Buildings so Important?

All metal building trim has two jobs: to protect and to enhance. 

Red-iron jambs and headers on metal building construction openings lie naked and exposed without cover trim.  The openings appear raw and unfinished, because they are.  Moreover, without trim around openings and doorways, the steel framing lies unprotected, and open to the elements.

Photos show metal buildings with and without trim around openings.

However, RHINO’s metal building trim covers and protects opening framing. In addition, trim complements the rest of the structure trim.  Thus, RHINO’s trim for metal buildings creates an attractive border that outlines the opening.

Many companies exclude trim from their structural packages. 

Other building suppliers include “extra” steel trim which the builder must field-cut and fit on site.  Often the trim is insufficient for the job.  (In addition, the cut edges are sharp and dangerous to handle.)

Still other companies offer steel building trim only at an extra cost.

RHINO Metal Building Trim for Openings

Remember, RHINO includes opening trim with all orders— and at no additional cost.

Better yet, our metal building corner trim details are factory-cut to fit the opening exactly. The fabricators turn the sharp edges underneath like a hem, for a more finished look— and for safer handling.

RHINO’s 26-gauge metal building trim pieces come in a variety of colors to match all the other building trim.


You cannot beat the value-added features included in RHINO metal building kits.  That’s The RHINO Difference.

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Photo of the RHINO 3D Design Page on a laptop computer.RHINO’s superior standard features also include formed base trim and die-form ridge caps

As an option, gutters and downspouts are available in trim-matching colors, too.

Call 940.383.9566 today.  Check out RHINO’s metal building trim details.  Get answers to your questions about RHINO metal framing kits.

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 (Updated 9-30-2020.  Originally published 12-30-2014.)