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Haste Makes Waste with a Steel Building Kit

Resist the Urge to Rush to Erecting Your Metal Building Kit

Your steel building kit is due any day, and you just can’t wait to get your hands on that baby.


man with blueprint stands in front of 18-wheel truck delivering a steel building kitDon’t make the costly mistake of rushing the erection process. Squelch the urge to “dive in” to construction without thoughtful and thorough preparation.


NEVER begin building without all the documentation from your local building department. Permitting officials must approve the structure’s plans in advance, making sure it complies with all local building criteria and is structurally sound.

Building officials are well acquainted with pre-engineered steel buildings. Reputable steel building companies like RHINO furnish engineered-stamped plans. Stamped plans greatly simplify the approval process. (Buyer beware if your metal building source cannot supply engineer-stamped plans.)

Remember, it is much less expensive to pay for proper building permits than to pay excessive fines for non-compliant building kit assembly.

Is Your Building Site Ready?

First, NEVER pour your foundation before receiving your plans from your metal building supplier! Until you receive the final plans, a concrete engineer cannot properly design the foundation nor place the foundation connections where indicated.

Secondly, NEVER start erecting the steel until your concrete is fully cured. Your concrete contractor can advise you when the foundation is ready for construction. Generally, you should allow at least a week of dry weather after pouring the foundation.

Furthermore, a clear pathway to and around the building location is crucial. The steel delivery truck requires free access to the site from the nearest road or highway. Provide ample room for unloading the truck and storing the steel building kit parts. The area around the foundation needs to be free of debris, obstructions, and all overhead wires.

Do You Have the Correct Gear and Tools?

You should supply sufficient safety equipment for all workers on your erection team. If you have hired professional erectors, they should have their own safety gear.

First-aid supplies also need to be available at the job site.

Unload the Metal Building Kit with Care!

Know in advance what lifting equipment you need to unload and erect the steel building kit. Avoid delays. Schedule the lifting equipment to be available when the steel kit arrives.

Handle the metal building components with care. Check your Construction Manual for proper unloading techniques. Improper handling may damage framing parts— and cause injuries.

Check the Steel Shipment Carefully

When your steel package arrives, inventory all the pieces. Check the Bill of Lading before starting construction. Report any damaged or missing materials immediately.

Follow the Instructions!

We have all rushed into assembly projects, convinced we don’t need to read the instructions.

Don’t do it!

There is a logical order to follow in assembling a metal building. Follow the Construction Manual from your supplier to the letter for the best structure— and the safest building kit assembly process.

Do Not Alter the Kit!

A RHINO steel building is pre-engineered to go together only one way— the right way.

NEVER make changes on your own on the building kit! Trying to modify the structure by cutting and welding the steel components will void your guarantee— and could seriously compromise the integrity of the building.

With careful planning and preparation, erecting your own steel building kit is a fun and fulfilling experience.

Rely on RHINO

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