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Constructing Metal Building Kits

Guidelines for Metal Building Construction Safety

Job safety is the joint responsibility of ALL those present during the construction of prefab metal building kits.  Everyone needs to avoid hazards and prevent injuries during metal building construction.

Protective Construction Apparel for Erecting Steel Building Kits

Icon depicting the safety apparel needed when construction steel building kits.First, insist that all workers wear protective construction safety gear at all times during a steel building erection.  Here are some of the must-haves for safely dressed steel building construction workers:

  • GLOVES: Protect hands at the construction site by wearing heavy-duty work gloves.
  • BOOTS: All workers should wear sturdy work boots with strong ankle support.  Steel-toed boots are the safest.  Wear boots with non-slip rubber soles when installing roof panels.
  • GOGGLES: Always wear OSHA-approved eye protection when using drills or saws on a steel building erection site.
  • HARD HATS: When erecting steel prefab buildings, everyone at the job site must wear OSHA-approved hard hats at all times to protect from head injuries from falling objects.
  • MASKS: When installing insulation for metal building kits, workers should wear dust masks, long-sleeved shirts, and gloves to reduce the amount of fiberglass contact.

General Safety Tips for Metal Building Construction

Photo of a builder wearing a hard hat in front of a completed metal building.Follow these guidelines to prevent injury and accidents during steel building construction:

  • Be sure all employees know the safest way to handle the pre-engineered building components and how to erect steel prefab buildings correctly.
  • Repeat safety procedures daily.
  • Caution everyone at the site to be constantly vigilant about what they are doing, as well as what other workers nearby are doing.
  • Make sure everyone notes the location of any electrical wires on the steel building erection site.
  • Keep a first aid kit, emergency numbers, and directions to the closest emergency medical facility readily available at the job site.
  • Caution workers and others on location about weather-related dangers— especially high winds, lightning, or precipitation
  • Be aware that the sharp edges of metal sheeting can cut unprotected fingers.
  • Be especially careful handling steel panels in windy conditions. High wind may catch unsecured metal sheeting even at ground level, knocking an unsuspecting worker to the ground.
  • Manufacturers sometimes apply protective oil or wax to steel panels before shipping. Wipe all panels clean before installation!
  • Unsecured roof sheets may slip when stepped on, triggering falls. Dew, frost, or other precipitation on panels also increases the chance of slips or falls.
  • Never use electrical tools when standing on wet surfaces!

For more information, consult OSHA Safety and Health Regulations for the Construction Industry.


With careful precautions and adherence to all OSHA standards, your steel building construction sites can be safe and injury free.

RHINO Metal Building Kits for Every Need

Photo of a builder at a metal building construction site.Talk to a RHINO metal building construction specialist now about your next building project.

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 (Updated 7-22-2020.  Originally published 1-12-2016.)