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7 Types of Pre-Engineered Red-Iron Steel Buildings- Part 6

Lean-To Steel Buildings

The framing choices discussed so far in this six-part series are primarily used for construction of new pre-engineered metal buildings. However, the lean-to steel systems are designed specifically used for additions to existing steel buildings.

Enlarging Steel Buildings with Lean-To Framing

7 Types of Framing for RHINO Pre-engineered Steel BuildingsAdding floor space to a pre-engineered metal building is normally accomplished by adding steel frames to the length of the structure.

Expanding at the endwall presents two problems. First, sometimes the lot does not allow room for growth lengthwise. Secondly, removing the endwall may disrupt business too much during remodeling.

A LEAN-TO system is a cost-efficient alternative for enlarging a steel-framed building.

It is typically used to add space to the side of a steel structure. Best of all, a lean-to makes it possible to add space with minimal interference of day-to-day business operations.

Lean-to framing involves minimal horizontal loads, so foundation costs are often reduced.

A lean-to structure must join the high side to the framing of an existing pre-engineered steel building. The parent structure must be substantial enough to handle the additional load. (Where this is not possible, single slope framing is recommended for expansion projects.)

Lean-to frames commonly span the 20’– 60’ width range.

The framing of a lean-to system adapts well as an attachment to steel-framed warehouses, factories, or hangars. The configuration also works for adding offices or additional storage space on an agricultural, commercial, or industrial building.

Popular as “shade” structures, lean-to framing adds space to storage and agricultural pre-engineered metal buildings for vehicle or equipment parking.

(Please be advised lean-to framing may involve increased design and delivery time.)

Choosing the Right Steel Building Framing for Your Project

The information in this six-part series offers only an overview on framing options. Don’t let the scope of the choices overwhelm you. RHINO’s specialists will provide expert guidance in choosing the most efficient and economical steel building kit for your specific application.

Contact a RHINO specialist today for a free steel building consultation and estimate on our red-iron steel framing. Call: 940.383.9566.

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