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7 Types of Pre-Engineered Red-Iron Steel Buildings- Part 4

Modular Span Steel Buildings

Part Four of this series on prefabricated steel buildings will cover the three types of modular span framing. You’ll learn the advantages of using modular spans and the applications where this type of framing works best.

7 Types of Framing for RHINO Pre-engineered Steel Buildings(See list below of earlier articles which discussed the differences in clearspan and modular span framing, and straight column, and tapered column framing.)

Modular Spans Steel Buildings: One, Two, or Three Row

MODULAR SPAN pre-engineered metal buildings provide a more economical cost per-square-foot at greater widths than clearspan framing. This makes modular spans a viable option for building applications where minimal interior columns do not pose an operational problem.

By adding one, two or three interior structural support columns to the frames, modular span framing deflects part of the structural load from the exterior columns. Less steel can be used overall. Distributing the load reduces costs on extra-wide pre-engineered steel buildings.

The number of support columns required is determined by the width of the structure and the load requirements.

On modular span buildings, the individual spans between the support columns are typically 30’- 80’, with overall building widths possible up to 200’ as a standard. Designs from 210’ wide up to 480’ will require a custom quote.

(Keep in mind that 480’ wide is massive— three times the width of a football field. Only the superior strength of steel could handle such a span.)

Modular framing provides an affordable alternative for bigger structures. These include:

  • “Big-box” Discount Stores and Other Retailers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Factories
  • Large Industrial Facilities
  • Larger Agricultural Structures
  • Mega Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants

Other businesses requiring a large amount of floor space

Modular framing can also provide above average eave heights at a very economical price.

RHINO-Tough Steel Buildings at a Tough-to-Beat Price

If all this information seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Our friendly and experienced specialists will assist you in choosing the best modular framing system for your specific application.

Contact RHINO today at 940.383.9566.

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