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7 Types of Pre-Engineered Red-Iron Steel Buildings- Part 5

Single Slope Steel Buildings

RHINO prefabricated steel buildings come in many different framing styles. Each system has its own advantages. The end-use of the structure, project budget, and local building code generally dictates the choice of framing system.

This fifth segment of the six part series explores the particular uses of the single slope steel framing system.

Single Slope Steel Buildings and Additions

7 Types of Framing for RHINO Pre-engineered Steel BuildingsSimple and economical, the single slope framing system lends itself to both new buildings and additions to existing structures.

Single slope frames are also extremely practical for adding a wing or other addition to an existing structure. Often this system is used for office space on a large warehouse, manufacturing plant, or vehicle maintenance facility.

Straight column single slope framing allows maximum use of interior space for smaller spans. Tapered column single slope configurations are a more economical option for wider spans.

Single slope framing is typically used on designs 40’ to 150’ wide.

The single slope pre-engineered metal building configuration is ideal for many applications, including:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Fire Stations
  • Free-Standing Retail Operations
  • Office Complexes
  • Retail Centers
  • RV, Boat, or Equipment Storage
  • Self-Storage Warehouses
  • Strip Shopping Centers
  • Additions to Existing Buildings

Because of the shape, single slope structures work particularly well in locations where drainage is a common problem.

RHINO Metal Buildings Are Lean and Green

RHINO buildings are prefabricated at the factory to eliminated wasted material and wasted time on the job site. Cut to length, welded, drilled, and marked before shipment, the pieces arrive at the job site ready for easy assembly.

Our buildings are also a “green” building choice. No other material on the planet is recycled as much as steel. RHINO’s commercial-grade steel framing contains a high content of recycled material.

The deep wall cavities created by the RHINO steel building packages provide room for much thicker insulation. With the optional Pro-Value Insulation Package, a RHINO building may cut energy bills by a whopping 50%.

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