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The Wonders of Water and Steelmaking

Conserving Water in Homes and in Steelmaking

Water.  We nourish our bodies with it, water our crops and houseplants with it, and even bathe in it  We clean our homes, our cars, our clothes, and our pets in it.  Where would be without fresh, clean water every day?

Water-covered text saying The Wonders of Water and how water is used in steelmakingDoesn’t it make sense to take full advantage of the wonders of life-giving water?

11 Health Benefits of Water

These fabulous benefits of staying hydrated should have everyone running for a tall cool glass of water:

  1. Boosts brain power
  2. Increases energy and relieves fatigue
  3. Flushes toxins from the body
  4. Lubricates achy joints
  5. Relieves headaches
  6. Clears skin
  7. Promotes healthy hair
  8. Improves digestion
  9. Prevents osteoporosis
  10. Boosts immune system
  11. Balances body temperature

11 Ways to Conserve Water

“Waste not, want not” should be the mantra of everyone.  We need to make every drop of water count.  Here are a few tips for cutting down on wasting water at home:

  1. Fix water leaks promptly
  2. Rinse dishes by dipping in a sink of water instead of running water
  3. Scrape dishes for the dishwasher instead of rinsing them
  4. Buy high-efficiency washers, toilets, water heaters, etc.
  5. Repurpose bath water to water plants and landscaping
  6. Take shorter showers
  7. Use pool covers to prevent evaporation
  8. Water gardens by hand instead of using wasteful automatic sprinkler systems
  9. Capture rainwater with barrels for watering landscaping
  10. Throw food scraps into a composter instead of down the garbage disposal
  11. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and save 8 gallons of water

How the Steel Industry Conserves Water

The Wonders of Water may sound like a strange topic for a steel building blog.  However, did you know that water is an integral part of the steelmaking process?

In fact, steel production uses huge amounts of water.  However, today’s modern steelmaking techniques allow the reuse of water.

Surprisingly, 95% of the water used by American steelmakers is now recycled. 

Recycling Steel and Water

white-hot steel producing steam in a steelmaking plantRecycling steel saves both resources and money.  The more inexpensive the steelmaking process, the more affordable steel buildings are for the consumer.

In the same way, recycling water in steelmaking saves resources and money, too.  Therefore, recycling and water conservation are not only the eco-friendly things to do for the planet— they are also the right thing to do for a steel company’s bottom line and its customer’s pocketbook.

So, drink up!  Replenish your body with plenty of that life-giving H2O.

Do your part to conserve water in your home.

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