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Self-Storage Buildings: Containers for Overflow

Americans’ Love of “Stuff” Births the Self-Storage Building Industry

It seems “stuff” is taking over our lives.  We start out by shoving it in a closet.  When that is full, we begin dragging junk to the garage, basement, attic, or a guest bedroom.  Soon every available space bursts with stuff.  As always, American entrepreneurs saw a need and came up with a moneymaking solution: self-storage buildings.

RHINO Commercial Steel Storage BuildingsFinally, we could keep all our beloved stuff— and still get it out from underfoot.

Self-Storage Buildings Solve the Problem of Overstuffing

Mini-storage buildings began popping up in Texas in the 1960’s.  Soon the idea spread all across America.  Today the self-storage industry thrives on our emotional attachment to all our stuff.

Look at the astounding numbers:

  • 10% of American households currently rent storage space
  • There are 10.8 million self-renters renters in America today
  • Self-storage rentals in the U.S. increased by 65% in the last 15 years.
  • Of the 58,000 self-storage facilities worldwide, 85% of those are in the U.S., according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics.
  • American self-storage facilities contain over 2.3 billion sq. ft. of space.
  • That’s 7 sq. ft. for every person in the country.
  • The entire U.S. population could actually stand in self-storage units at the same time!
  • Independent operators who own only one facility dominate the self-storage industry;  90% of owners are small business investors.

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Self-Storage Facilities

Many mini-storage places today are attractive, landscaped, and designed to complement surrounding neighborhoods, attracting upscale renters.

Self-storage renters want a safe place to put their stuff.  They look for a choice of unit sizes in a well-maintained and secure facility.

To safeguard a customer’s valuables in a self-storage facility, the buildings must be strong, waterproof, and durable.  Only a premier metal building system will provide the secure, appealing, durable mini-storage facility that will attract renters— and win their trust.

Pre-engineered building systems are by far the most popular construction system choice for self-storage businesses.

However, prefab storage buildings are not created equal. Choose RHINO Steel Building Systems, the preferred choice.

  • RHINO’s steel self-storage buildings are high quality and cost-effective.
  • Our high-quality prefabricated steel self-storage buildings are quick and easy to assemble.
  • They are sturdy and reliable, damage resistant, long lasting, and require little maintenance.
  • RHINO’s metal mini-storage structures also retain their beauty and value for decades.
  • No system supplies better weather protection that the RHINO system.
  • Durable prefab metal buildings supply the greatest protection from termites, mold, erosion, snow, rain, high winds, lightning, earthquakes, mice and other vermin.
  • Since steel is non-combustible and cannot add fuel to a fire, it often earns discounted insurance rates.
  • RHINO self-storage structures are available in any size needed.
  • Standard building ship in as little as five weeks.  Customized buildings are also available.
  • RHINO steel-framed structures will meet all local building codes and any exact specifications required by the storage company owner.
  • Our self-storage buildings are shipped anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico from multiple shipping points across America.

Build a moneymaking RHINO steel self-storage facility for the chronically overstuffed in your area.

For complete information about all of RHINO’s metal building products, including prefabricated steel self-storage buildings, call us today at 940.383.9566.