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RHINO Steel Buildings by the Numbers

A Quick Overview of Metal Building Statistics

Americans are truly obsessed by numbers, including those for steel buildings. We want to “bottom line” every issue. Numbers quantify a product or situation, making it something we can grasp and appreciate quickly. Numbers let us see at a glance the information we want to know.

When you look at the numbers, you will be amazed at the obvious advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings.


In 1980, 10 man-hours were needed to produce a ton of steel. Today, a ton of steel is manufactured in one man-hour— or less!


Photo of a large tan steel building with the caption "Steel Buildings by the Numbers"RHINO sends 3 complete sets of engineered-stamped plans with every order.


A 3-man crew erects a 40’ x 60’ RHINO steel building in about 5 days. A 60’ x 100’ structure takes about 7 days to complete.

5% to 7%

A metal building typically costs 5% to 7% less than a concrete structure.

6 to 7

RHINO orders usually deliver within 6 to 7 weeks.

7% to 15%

Cool-coated steel exterior panels cut summer utilities by 7% to 15% in warm climates.


Industry experts predict a 9% increase in new construction starts in 2015. A 15% jump is expected in commercial construction this year.

10’ to 150’

RHINO standard orders can clear span from 10’ to 150’ in width. Clear span widths up to 200’ possible with custom RHINO orders.

15% to 20%

About 15% to 20% of a lumber delivery must be culled out due to inferior quality.

20’ to 40’

RHINO steel building bays range from 20’ to 40 apart, based on the building size and loads.


RHINO supplies 26-gauge steel exterior PBR panels in the standard RHINO package. A 24-gauge standing seam metal roofing panel is also available form RHINO.

24’ to 70’

Hangar-style doors from RHINO Steel Buildings may be purchased in sizes ranging from 24’ wide to 70’ in width. Regular overhead doors are available from 20’ to 36’ wide.

25% to 30%

Many insurance companies offer significant discounts— 25% to 30%— for buildings framed with steel. Steel is a commercial-quality structure that withstands weather extremes, lightning strikes, and fires far better than other building materials.


Repeat customers or referrals by satisfied RHINO clients generated an impressive 30% of all RHINO’s new orders in the past twelve months.


Prefabricated steel buildings reduce construction time by about one-third.

33% to 50%

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 33% to 50% of all buildings have conditions that can support mold growth. Steel is an inorganic material, so it does not support the growth of mold.


Today steel requires 34% less energy to produce than it did 40 years ago.


Steel buildings make up 40% or more of all new low-rise commercial buildings in U.S. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial buildings also consume 40% of all the energy used in the U.S.

40’ x 60’ x 14’

This is RHINO’s most popular building size.

40% to 50%

Cool-Coated steel panels reflect 40% to 50% of heat away from the structure.


RHINO includes a 49-page Installation Manual and a construction DVD with every order.


RHINO ships to all 50 states in the U.S. We also deliver prefabricated metal buildings all across Canada and Mexico.


RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation packages can slash utility bills in half.

50 to 60

It takes 50-60 trees to create the lumber for a typical 2,000 sq. ft. structure. The same structure could be framed with the recycled steel produced from 5-6 junked cars.


Steel interior columns require 75% less space than concrete columns.


RHINO steel buildings contain up to 90.7% recycled steel.


Steel buildings account for 95% of all low-rise industrial building construction in the U.S. Today the steel industry recycles 95% of all the water it uses in producing steel.


Steel framing and panels are 100% recyclable at the end of the building’s usefulness. The framing for all RHINO metal buildings is 100% commercial-grade steel. Clear span structures provide 100% useable interior space.


The North American steel industry started using recycled steel in the production of new steel over 170 years ago.


RHINO’s formed base trim saves about $300 on the cost of concrete foundation costs for an average size structure.


Widths up to 400’ are possible with minimal interior support columns on a standard RHINO order. Custom quotes allow for buildings to be as much as 480’ wide with interior columns.


Number of steel cans recycled into new steel every second in the U.S.


RHINO Steel Building Systems began operation in October 1998.


Today’s structural steel supplies 50,000 pounds-per-square-inch of compression and tension stress. Concrete, provides only 3,000-5,000 pounds-per-square-inch of compression stress alone.


According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), firefighters respond to 1,240,000 in a year. Wood framing contributes fuel to a fire; steel framing is fire resistant.

10.9 million

Every ton of steel recycled saves 10.9 million Btu of energy.

136 million tons

Construction and demolition (C&D) dumps 136 million tons of debris into overcrowded U.S. landfills every year— mostly wood and concrete. Every ton of steel recycled saves about 250 cubic feet of space in a landfill.

$5 billion

Americans spend $5 billion annually for termite treatments and to repair termite damage. Steel framing is impervious to termites!

Need to know more? Call RHINO and get all the facts on prefabricated metal buildings. Our experienced and friendly metal building specialists will crunch the numbers for your next building project. The RHINO number is 940.383.9566. Call now!