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Controlling Airflow in Metal Buildings- Part 2


Never underestimate the importance of airflow in metal buildings.

As discussed in part 1, adequate ventilation controls comfort, humidity levels, and condensation in steel buildings.

Two Types of Ventilation

illustration of louvered vents and ridge vents for metal buildingsControlling airflow in metal buildings without air conditioning and heating is simple. You need fresh air flowing into the building and humid air flowing out. This is easily accomplished with vents and large door openings.

Steel barns, equipment structures, storage buildings, aircraft hangars, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities usually have large doorways to accommodate vehicles, equipment, and shipping and receiving. When open, these doorways introduce fresh air into the interiors.

Vents also supply airflow in metal buildings. Vents help in two ways. Vents placed lower in the structure let air into the building. Roof vents allow hot, humid air rising to the ceiling to escape the structure.


In our line of popular accessories, RHINO includes two types of vents.

RHINO’s 3′ x 3′ louvered vents for metal buildings typically install in the endwalls. (Larger vents available as needed.) Louvered vents may be fixed or include a damper mechanism to control the airflow. In smaller metal buildings, louvered vents placed under the peak in either endwall may provide enough ventilation.

Louvered vents are available from RHINO in either Polar White or Galvalume®.

Ridge vents run along the peak of a metal building’s gabled roof line. Normally, one ridge vent per bay works in larger structures. However, ridge vents can also be connected of required, forming a continuous line down the length of the building. (This allows you to control all the vents with one mechanism.)

RHINO’s ridge vents include a bird screen, damper, 10’ pull chain, and all mounting hardware. Our ridge vents have a 9” throat and are 10’ in length. Metal ridge vents are available in Polar White or Galvalume®.

How Do You Choose Vents?

Your RHINO metal building specialists will help you calculate the vents required for your metal building quote. However, the engineer designing the structure will have the final say on the type and number of vents needed, based on the size, location, and the end use for your steel building.

Contact RHINO for metal building ventilation information, quotes, and more. Call 940.383.9566 today.