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Build Your Own Metal Building Guest Cottage

Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 12

Our last article began a discussion on creating a metal building guest cottage in your own backyard. This final installment in our backyard hideaways series provides further information on private guest house buildings.

The Pressures of the “Sandwich” Generation

Older couple stands before their metal building guest houseIn many cultures it is common for several generations to live together. More and more, families in America are embracing this idea, too with guest house buildings.

Reportedly, 49 million Americans now live in a household with at least two adult generations.

Many people waited longer to start their families, focusing on establishing their careers first. Since people are also living longer now, some families find they are sandwiched between two generations, caring for their parents while still raising their children. It is a challenging situation for everyone.

Adult children returning from college or a after a divorce find transitioning back into the family home difficult— and so do their parents. Having separate living spaces serves as a buffer, reducing conflicts and friction.

Having steel building homes for in-laws or relatives allows people to stop running frantically across town— or across the state— to grandma’s house to change light bulbs, mow the grass, or do other household jobs.

Often a “backyard granny” or grandfather can assist with childcare. Older children may help with odd jobs for their grandparents, easing the stress for all concerned.

Building pre-engineered metal building houses is more affordable than remodeling to add a mother-in-law suite to an existing home. Moreover, metal buildings to live in are certainly far less expensive than paying thousands of dollars each month for assisted living apartments or professional home health care!

Beyond the Metal Building Guest Cottage

By any other name, metal building houses can make your life much easier. Here are some examples of different terms used for backyard cottages:

• Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or detached accessory dwelling unit
• Age-in-place dwelling
• Backyard bungalow or backyard cottage or backyard dwelling
• Casita
• Elder cottage housing opportunity (ECHO)
• Garage apartment or carriage house
• In-law apartment or mother-in-law suite or granny flat
• Microhouse
• Miniature home
• Post-college apartment
• Rental House
• Secondary dwelling

Before you decide to build any steel building homes, check on the building codes and zoning restrictions for your city. If you live in a location with a homeowner’s association, you will need to investigate their constraints as well.

While many communities have few limits on “accessory buildings,” the parameters for an “accessory dwelling unit” (ADU) or metal building houses are generally more severe.

Basically, even if you have electricity in your backyard guest house buildings, they are considered accessory buildings regardless of the purpose. However, if plumbing is also included, these steel building homes are deemed an accessory dwelling unit.

Backyard guest house buildings normally contain less than 1,000 sq. ft. It is by definition a simpler design.

Some people choose to build a barn-style or rustic-looking metal building houses. Others prefer backyard cottages or steel building homes which complement the style of their home.

A pre-engineered metal building house can be finished in long-lasting steel panels or cool panels in an assortment of colors and trim. Metal guest house buildings can also be finished in wood, tilt-up concrete, brick, block, stucco, or stone to achieve any exterior appearance desired.

Call the Steel Building Experts at RHINO

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