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Beyond “Standard” Metal Buildings with Custom Structures

The Four Basic Levels Pre-engineered Steel Building Design

Pre-engineered metal buildings prove to be the best buy for most low-rise construction projects. Custom steel structures are affordable now— and later.

  • Man in a yellow hard hat watches as a steel building frame is lowered into placeRHINO standard prefabricated steel buildings are economically priced— saving money.
  • Metal building kits ship quickly— saving time.
  • Manufactured components arrive at the job site ready for assembly— saving more time.
  • Metal building framing cut erection time by about one-third— saving even more time.
  • Strong, fire-resistant, termite proof steel buildings often earn lower insurance rates— saving money.
  • RHINO’s Pro-Value insulation slashes heating and cooling costs as much 50%— saving more money.
  • Durable pre-engineered metal buildings require little maintenance— saving time and money.

#1: Standard Metal Buildings

There are four basic levels of design in RHINO custom steel structures. The first is the “standard” order.

The standard steel building is a basic box. Requiring the least amount of design and engineering time, the standard is the most economical choice. Yet a standard metal building still offers liberal parameters:

  • A simple gable roof of 4:12 pitch or less
  • Eave height between 8’ to 40’
  • Widths between 10’ and 150’ for clear span, or up to 400’ with minimal interior columns
  • Unlimited length

#2: Modified-Standard Metal Buildings

A modified-standard steel building may add minimal changes to the basic box design of the standard.

For example, a modified-standard building might require a simple gable roof of 5:12 to 8:12 pitch or higher, additional framed openings, doors, and windows, or increased building loads.

#3: Custom Metal Buildings

It is possible to customize any standard or modified standard steel building very economically. These changes may slightly increase the order-to-delivery time over a standard custom steel structure order if extra engineering time is required.

  • Extreme gable roof pitches over 8:12
  • Hip roofs
  • Eave heights above 40’
  • Clear span widths from 151’ to 200’ or more. Or widths from 401’ to 480’ with interior columns
  • Overhangs, canopies, vertical fascia, parapets, etc.
  • Fundamental changes in the floorplan

#4: Ultra-Custom Metal Buildings

Original architectural designs require more engineering costs and longer delivery date, but for a one-of-a-kind building statement, it is worth the time and effort.

Sports arenas, churches, office structures, and theme restaurants, and other commercial enterprises may require “out-of-the-box” design.

Soaring ceilings, huge spans, complex roof designs, and extreme building loads can go beyond the capabilities of other building materials. Pre-engineered steel framing meets the needs for more sophisticated and aspiring structures.

Options Available for Every Level of Design

RHINO offer many options and upgrade materials. These options include:

• Choices of colors for exterior paneling and trim
• 26-gauge “A” steel exterior panels
• 24-gauge standing seam steel panels
• Cool-coated steel panels
• Liner panels and partitions
• Overhead doors, walk-in doors, windows
• Additional framed openings
• Gutters and downspouts
• Pro-Value insulation packages
• Skylights and wall lights
• Mezzanines
• Vents
• And more

Discuss your next custom steel structure with a RHINO steel building specialist today at 940.383.9566.