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77 Reasons to Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings- Part 3

Metal Buildings: The Best Long-term Building Value

We have shown some of the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings during designing and construction. However, the advantages of prefabricated metal buildings extend beyond today.

Look at the many pluses metal buildings provide after occupancy.

Value-Added Benefits of Steel Buildings during Use

An attractive tan and green industrial metal building with large bay doors and rock trimPart 1 and Part 2 of this series listed 36 benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings. Discover the advantages of owning a strong, durable, and versatile rigid-frame metal building:

37. Steel building components stay straight and true for the life of the structure. The entire structure stays perfectly aligned over decades of use.

38. Windows and doors close properly now— and years from now.

39. Overhead doors and large opening never sag or bow over time in steel buildings framed with commercial-grade rigid steel.

40. Since the framing never shifts, air leaks do not develop over time. The enclosed structure remains tight.

41. Steel is dimensionally stable. Steel never bows, warps, splits, twists, rots, cracks, or creeps like wood does as it ages.

42. Wood shifts as its moisture content changes. Steel does not.

43. Wood buildings often have “nail-pops” as nails pull out of wood with changing humidity.

44. Metal buildings use high-strength bolt and screws for fasteners, not the nails and cheap staples used today in wood framing.

45. Steel buildings do not experience many of the “call backs” builders must face with other construction methods.

46. Steel is inorganic. It does not support mold or mildew like organic wood framing does.

47. Inorganic steel emits no volatile organic compounds, providing healthier indoor air quality than wood framing.

48. Metal buildings are fire resistant. They do not ignite, nor add fuel to a structural fire.

49. The fire-resistant qualities of steel generally earn substantial insurance discounts for metal buildings.

50. Steel resists termites and wood ants, eliminating the need for costly chemical treatments— or even costlier repairs caused by termites.

51. Steel buildings require virtually no upkeep, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

52. Long-lasting, weather-resistant finishes on steel panels and trim keep steel buildings looking great year after year.

53. Practically ageless, steel buildings retain their beauty and value for decades longer than other building methods.

54. Steel buildings stand up to earthquakes, forceful winds, heavy snows, pounding hail and weather extremes far better than other types of structures.

55. Lightning causes more damage every year than hurricanes and tornadoes combined. A well-grounded metal building deters lightning damage, as the current passes through the steel and harmlessly into the ground.

56. Renters and buyers know steel buildings are a better value. Leasing or selling steel building property is a snap.

57. Clear span steel buildings allow commercial building owners to reconfigure floor plans easily to meet the requirements of incoming tenants.

58. Metal buildings expand easily as need change. Adding steel frames to either endwall is simple and economical.

59. Well insulated steel buildings save energy. RHINO metal building owners cut energy bills by 50% by installing the Pro-Value Insulation Package.

60. Better-insulated metal buildings enjoy reduce outside noise.

RHINO Steel Buildings: Built to Last… and Last… and Last…

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