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The Dollars and Sense of Green Buildings

How Eco-Friendly Structures Outperform Other Real Estate Investments

Numerous studies find that green buildings financially outperform ordinary structures. That’s good news for the investor, the tenant, and the planet.

How the Investor Benefits from Green Buildings

Close-up of an industrial green metal building with a "For Lease" sign in from of it.Successful commercial and industrial rentals depend on five things. Green buildings improve the potential outcome on every level:

  • Fast occupancy: Empty space gathers no profits. New commercial or industrial buildings need to lease quickly to begin generating revenue. The benefits of green buildings attract renters— especially younger, more sustainability-conscious tenants.
  • Competitive edge: As in any real estate investment, a great location trumps all other advantages. However, green buildings also supply owners with an additional competitive edge over non-sustainable “brown” structures. Cheaper utilities, better ventilation, improved indoor air quality and lightning, and reduced outside noise tip the rental scales in favor of the green building owner.
  • Higher rent: Sustainable structures command a higher rent in the marketplace. Eager for the benefits of doing business in a green building, tenants may also agree to longer leases with greater advantages for the owner. For example, prospective renters may willingly opt to pay utilities in a more energy-efficient structure.
  • Low turnover: It costs more to fill vacancies than to retain existing tenants. Energy efficient construction benefits keep tenants content— and more likely to renew their lease again and again.
  • Reduced operating costs: A well-constructed green building should cost less to operate, with lower maintenance costs and reduced utilities.

Is LEED Certification Important?

An infographic showing the green benefits offered by steel buildingsThe Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) remains the most widely accepted third-party verifier of green buildings. Although all eco-friendly buildings tend to command higher rents, LEED-certified structures typically generate the highest rental rates.

LEED determines certification on a point system covering nine different categories. Based on the number of points earned, a construction project rates one of four green levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Why Green Buildings Start with Steel

As the most recycled material on the planet, steel reigns supreme as the best choice for green building. In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council proclaims steel framing as “the logical and responsible choice for Green Building.”

LEED apparently agrees. It awards steel buildings an automatic minimum default on its point system— the only structural material to be so designated.

RHINO: Built Strong to Last Long

Sustainable RHINO steel buildings deliver benefits approved by green building entities like LEED, sought by tenants, and appreciated by real estate investors. Our durable, affordable, energy-efficient steel buildings promise the best green structure at the best price.

Call today for more information on green buildings from RHINO. Speak to a RHINO metal building specialist at 940.383.9566.

Discover the many advantages of investing in an energy efficient construction building framed with RHINO steel. Free estimates are available upon request.