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Steel Buildings in Nevada: The Safest Bet

The Silver State’s Extreme Climate Calls for Metal Buildings

Given the state’s unique challenges, steel buildings in Nevada just make sense. From the Mojave Desert to the snow-covered summits of the Sierra Nevada mountain peaks, the Silver State remains a land of extreme contrasts.

a metal building at sunset in the mountains of NevadaPre-engineered metal buildings in Nevada confront those difficulties one by one.

Dealing Yourself a Winning Hand with Metal Buildings in Nevada

Pre-engineered steel buildings in Nevada provide so many benefits:

  • LIGHTNING: Nevada is low on the ranking of lightning-prone states. However, lightning ignited numerous wildfires across the state in the summer of 2014, proving the state is not immune to lightning damage. A properly grounded steel building passes lightning through the framing and harmlessly into the ground. Wood structures struck by lightning ignite and burn.
  • FIRES: The arid climate of much of Nevada makes it a tinderbox for brush fires. Thousands of acres of land burned last summer. Steel buildings are far less likely to suffer fire damage than wood structures. Winds carry embers drift up to a mile from the fire, igniting dry brush or roofs. Steel buildings with metal roofs provide no fuel for embers to ignite. Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts for steel buildings because of the fire-resistant qualities of commercial grade steel.
  • EARTHQAKES: Nevada is the third most seismically active state in the U.S. Active faults exist throughout the state. In August 2014, earthquake “swarms” shook the state. Almost 100 quakes rattled Nevadans in just one week. No structure stands up to shaking like a pre-engineered steel building.
  • TERMITES: You would expect termites to be a problem in moisture-laden climates. Surprisingly, Nevada too has termite challenges. Western subterranean termites plague areas of the state— especially in Las Vegas and Reno. Steel buildings are impervious to termites and other gnawing pests.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Beating the Nevada heat becomes much easier with our optional Pro-Value Insulation package. Our customers find this system reduces their heating and cooling costs by 50%, while saving resources. Steel rules as a green building material. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. Strong, durable, steel buildings last far longer than wood structures. At the end of their usefulness, the steel framing recycles again into new cars, new refrigerators— or new steel building!
  • VERSATILITY: Steel buildings in Nevada need not look like metal buildings. The exterior may be finished in colorful, durable steel sheathing— or in brick, stone, stucco, tilt-up concrete or any other building material. Since steel framing is self-supporting, large areas of fixed glass are possible where required. As needs changes, expanding the size of a steel building is simple and economical in a steel building. Remodeling the interior of a pre-engineered steel building is also easier.

Why Building with Steel is the Best Deal in Nevada

The versatility of pre-engineered metal buildings allows them to adapt to any low-rise building requirements. RHINO’s premium steel building system adapts easily to every Nevada metal building application:

  • RHINO’s steel barns, stables, riding arenas, and other metal agricultural buildings fit the needs of farmers and ranchers in sparsely populated areas of Nevada. Each structure is designed and manufactured to the customer’s specific request. Factory-built components ship from the closest manufacturing plant. The building arrives at the Nevada job site ready to assemble.
  • Commercial businesses in small towns across the state find RHINO metal buildings in Nevada provide the best deal for restaurants, retail stores, medical clinics, strip malls, auto repair shops, car dealerships, and more.
  • Residents of towns find pre-engineered steel building in Nevada perfect for residential uses, too. We can produce the right sized structure at the right price. Whether you need a workshop, a man-cave or woman-cave, a multi-vehicle garage, a multi-purpose storage building, or an RV garage, RHINO is the answer.
  • In thriving metro areas like Reno and Las Vegas, commercial and industrial opportunities abound. Aircraft hangars, big box stores, manufacturing plants, and warehouses require unobstructed interiors. RHINO metal buildings in Nevada offer 200’ or more of completely open space. With the addition of a single interior column, our structures can span as far as 480’.
  • Other urban opportunities to build with steel in Nevada include churches, stores, restaurants, movie houses, gambling and entertainment centers, vehicle dealerships, and more.

If you can dream it, we can provide it in steel.

RHINO Steel Buildings: A Sure Thing for Nevada

Contact RHINO now for details on our metal buildings in Nevada or elsewhere. We ship quality-made steel buildings all across America, Mexico, and Canada.

Every RHINO structure carries a lifetime warranty to meet or exceed all local building codes.

We take pride in our products and our service. We bet you will too.

Call today for a free quote or more details on Nevada metal buildings: 940.383.9566.