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RHINO-Tough Steel Building Doors

Add Accessibility, Eye-Appeal, and Comfort to a Metal Building

Both functional and attractive, steel building doors create a more inviting look to a structure. Whether the metal building’s purpose is agricultural, commercial, industrial, or residential, doors dramatically improve the design.

Photo of a barn in Virginia with additional shade shelter.RHINO is committed to supplying top-of-the-line accessories, including high-quality metal building doors.

All doors arrive at the job site with the steel framing.

RHINO’s metal building doors are “field located,” meaning the customer may insert the doors anywhere needed steel columns. If exact placement of doors is critical to the design, be sure to notify RHINO so column placement may be adjusted, if required.

RHINO Walk-in Doors

RHINO offers three optional designs in personnel doors:

  • Without windows
  • Half-glass windows
  • Narrow-glass window

RHINO’s walk-in doors are made of sturdy 20-gauge, prime-painted, galvanized steel. Each door has an insulated core with a 14.97 R-value. The door framing is 16-gauge, prime-painted steel.

Each door kit comes with:

  • 16-gauge, prime-painted steel door framing
  • Jamb extensions
  • A Yale brand commercial grade II lever lockset
  • Aluminum threshold and header
  • 4-1/2” heavy-duty hinges
  • Weatherstripping

Single doors are available in standard 30” x 70” and wider 40” x 70” sizes. Choose doors in either white or bronze coloring.

Need wider access? Double doors are also available in the same three styles in a 60” x 70” size.

RHINO’s standard doors are not wind rated. However, wind rated doors are available upon requested.

All doors are keyed alike unless the customer requests otherwise.

Additional Door Options from RHINO

A heavy-duty adjustable door closer with backcheck may be added to door orders. Panic devices with lever locksets and exterior key-in-lever functions are also optional. Dead bolt locks are also available upon request.

RHINO Steel Building Doors and so much more…

You will find no structural system is more versatile than a RHINO steel building.

An experienced RHINO metal building specialist will be happy to assist you in choosing the steel building doors for your next construction project.

Call the RHINO steel building hotline: 940.383.9566.

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