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Pre-engineered Steel Buildings in WASHINGTON

Building Green in the Evergreen State with RHINO Metal Buildings

Constructing pre-engineered steel buildings in Washington is green building. There is no greener way to build than with steel.

The state of Washington has always been a leader in the green building movement. In fact, Washington was the first state to pass legislation requiring all state-funded new construction or renovation to meet green building standards.

White metal building with dark green trim sit before a rugged snow-topped mountain in Washington stateThe Clear Span Advantages of Steel Buildings in Washington

The strength and durability of steel buildings in Washington makes them last far longer than ordinary construction methods like wood and concrete. The longer a structure lasts, the less its environmental impact.

As the most recycled material on the planet, steel meets the criteria for environmentally responsible Washington builders. There is zero degradation of strength in recycled steel— no matter how many times it is recycled.

Pre-engineering eliminates waste, another green building plus. What little steel remains after construction is easily sold to metal scrap dealers for recycling.

The inherent strength of steel allows prefabricated metal buildings to span wide areas without interior supports. RHINO straight column metal buildings in Washington clear span up to 80’ in width. Tapered column designs clear span up to 150’ wide on standard orders. Widths up to 300’ are possible with a custom order.

Here are just a few of the buildings benefiting from steel’s clear span capabilities:

• Aircraft hangars
• Auditoriums
• Barns
• Big box stores
• Churches
• Dance studios
• Equipment storage buildings
• Fish or meat processing plants
• Gymnasiums
• Hay or hops storage
• Horse riding arenas
• Lumber or paper mills
• Manufacturing plants
• Produce storage
• Recreational facilities
• Theaters

Metal Buildings for Every Application

Versatile pre-engineered steel buildings adapt to any low-rise commercial or industrial application:

  • Consider RHINO metal buildings for mega-warehouses in Seattle or Tacoma.
  • Agricultural buildings for apples, melons, hops or pears farms in the Yakima Valley would be great uses for steel structures.
  • What about using a RHINO steel building for a new medical research facility in Spokane?
  • Vancouver might need a crude oil transport building built with a pre-engineered metal building.
  • A high-tech company might need a headquarters in Bellevue.
  • Perhaps a congregation in Kent or Olympia would appreciate the advantages of a RHINO steel building for their new sanctuary.
  • No system works better for aircraft hangars in Everett than a steel building.
  • Residential customers choose prefabricated steel buildings in Washington, too. Who wouldn’t love to have extra storage space, a bigger garage, a backyard workshop, a man cave, a mountain cabin, or a private home office?

Green Building Starts with Steel Buildings

RHINO metal buildings in Washington are affordable, easy to erect, and practically maintenance free.

All RHINO structures can be finished in colorful, durable steel panels, as well as brick, stone, glass, block, tilt-up concrete, or other building materials. Our steel buildings in Washington meet— or exceed— all local building codes.

We can provide you with a no-obligation quote on your dream project.

Let our experienced steel building specialists discuss supplying metal buildings for your next project in the Evergreen State. Learn why 39.1% of our business in the past year came from repeat customers— or those referred to us by RHINO satisfied buyers.

Call now for complete information on metal buildings in Washington and a free quote: 940.383.9566.