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Metal Buildings in Maryland

The First Choice for Construction in Maryland

In a state known for its leadership and innovation, metal buildings in Maryland make perfect sense.  As the leader and innovator in low-rise construction, pre-engineered steel buildings uniquely meet the construction needs of the region.

A History of Advancement

metal buildings in Maryland shows a steel building with fireworks in the background and the state flag in the foregroundMaryland takes a back seat to no one in embracing the future.  Indeed, Maryland’s history proves that the state often leads the charge for progress.

The following is just a short list of Maryland’s historical achievements:

  • 1696: King William’s School, the first secondary school in the U.S., begins classes in Annapolis, MD.
  • 1706: America’s first food manufacturing plant opens in Maryland.
  • 1727: The Maryland Gazette, the country’s oldest continuous newspaper, began publication.
  • 1774: Baltimore establishes the first post office in the U.S.
  • 1776: The first U.S. paper mill starts operation in Maryland, supplying paper for U.S. currency.
  • 1800: America’s first investment bank opens in Baltimore.
  • 1803: In Brookeville, MD, Thomas Moore invents the world’s first refrigerator.
  • 1811: The country’s first national road breaks ground in Maryland’s Cumberland Valley.  By 1834, this first federal highway crosses the Appalachian Mountains and reaches the Ohio River Valley.
  • 1814: Baltimore becomes the home of the first public museum in the Western Hemisphere.
  • 1816: Rembrandt Peale becomes the first gas manufacturer in the country.
  • 1830: America’s first railroad begins regular passenger service to Baltimore.
  • 1839: The world’s first dental college opens in Baltimore.
  • 1844: Samuel Morris strings the first telegraph line from Baltimore to Washington.
  • 1845: The United States Naval Academy opens in Annapolis.
  • 1851: Jacob Russell, a Baltimore milk dealer, establishes America’s first ice cream factory.
  • 1859: The first YMCA in the U.S. erected in Baltimore.
  • 1784: 13-year-old Edward Warren pilots the first successful manned balloon in the U.S.
  • 1792: America’s first water company opens in Baltimore.
  • 1818: Maryland lawyer Francis Scott Key pens the Star Spangled Banner.
  • 1894: William S. Halstead of John Hopkins becomes the first in America to wear rubber gloves for surgery.
  • 1929: W3XK, the country’s first radio station, begins broadcasting in Wheaton, MD.

RHINO Metal Buildings in Maryland

Obviously, the people of Maryland take innovation seriously.  It is no wonder they appreciate the innovative and practical features of pre-engineered steel buildings.

With all the hustle and bustle of business within the state, construction in Maryland is booming.  Uniquely suited for the times and the sometimes-harsh climate, prefabricated steel buildings rule the low-rise construction market in the state.

RHINO metal buildings in Maryland deliver the benefits practical people demand.  Our prefabricated kits are:

A large infographic listing 15 Steel Building Benefits from RHINO Steel Buildings

Call RHINO Steel Building Systems now at 940.383.9566 for a free quote and expert advice for your upcoming building project.  From one thousand square feet to one million square feet, RHINO’s got all your building needs covered.

RHINO stands out from the common herd of metal building dealers.  Learn more about The RHINO Difference in steel buildings.