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Man of Steel Buildings

The People of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

The recent release of the new Superman move “Man of Steel,” prompted me to reflect on my own adventures as a “man of steel”— prefabricated steel buildings, that is.

Man hurriedly ripping off shirt reveals a T-Shirt with a RHINO Steel Building System logoI have spent most of my adult life in the steel framing business.

However, I am just one of thousands of men and women who work in the steel buildings industry.  To me, they are all supermen and superwomen in their own right.

The RHINO Men and Women of Steel

Since 1998, when we opened the doors of RHINO Steel Building Systems, Inc., we have built a strong team of very experienced men and women of steel.  Not only have they spent many years of their career life in the metal building business, they have been very loyal to our company.  The average tenure with our company is almost 11 years— and we appreciate the dedication of every one.

Why do they stick with the steel building business?

As with any other business, if you love what you are doing and believe in what you are doing, you stick with it.  Pre-engineered metal buildings just make so much sense.

Builders Who Choose Steel

RHINO customers love the affordability, versatility, longevity, and many other benefits of a steel building system.

How do we know?  They keep coming back for more.  In the twelve months, repeat customers and referrals by happy customers generated 30% of all our business.

Many of our repeat customers are builders using RHINO’s steel building system for their own customers.  They enjoy the flexibility of the framing system, the ease of framing erection, the customer support, and the cost-effectiveness of the RHINO system.

These builders earn the men and women of steel status every day.

The Men and Women Who Build Steel

Many people actually erect the steel framing themselves on small to mid-sized projects.  The simple bolt and screw together framing system lends itself well to assembly by a small crew of friends and family.  These intrepid do-it-yourselfers certainly rate as men and women of steel.

Steel Erection Crews

For those customers who don’t wish to assemble the steel framing themselves, RHINO supplies contacts for professional erecting crews in your area.

If you are a man or woman of steel and would like to add your steel framing erection crew to our Qualified Erectors Program, please fill out a request form today.

Join the other Men and Women of Steel

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For more information about our products, Qualified Erectors Program, or service, call RHINO now at  940.383.9566.