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Building Faster with a Metal Building Kit

How a RHINO Steel Building Kit Cuts Construction Time

Did you know that a RHINO metal building kit slashes construction time by 33% or more?  And this quick construction doesn’t just save time— it saves money, too.  Here’s how.

Five Ways a Steel Building Kit Saves Money

Icon depicting the faster construction of a metal building kit.Time equals money in construction.  With every additional day of construction, total costs rise.  Rapid construction cuts costs five ways:

  • LOWER LABOR COSTS: Labor typically constitutes the largest expense of any commercial or industrial building project.  The faster the structure is completed, the less the labor costs.
  • FEWER DELAYS: The longer a construction project takes to complete, the greater the chance of costly weather delays.  Contractors and subcontractors may shelve the project and move on to another job, causing further time wasted.  A RHINO metal building kit erects far quicker than other building systems, shaving weeks off large construction projects.
  • REDUCED INSURANCE: The shorter the construction time, the less spent on builder risk premiums.
  • LOWER SECURITY COSTS: Rapid construction means you spend less on theft security for your job site.
  • QUICKER MOVE-IN: The faster the building reaches completion, the sooner the owner starts turning a profit.

Five Ways a RHINO Metal Building Kit Saves Time

Image with a clock, steel beam, and cash, indicating that saving time equals saving money in construction.Engineered to take maximum advantage of steel’s superior strength, a RHINO prefab building eliminates wasted time and wasted materials.

  • COMPLIANT: Pre-engineering means a steel building kit arrives already compliant with all current local building codes.  There is no hassling with building inspectors to bring construction up to code.
  • FEWER PIECES: In a RHINO prefab metal building, far fewer framing elements are needed to create a much stronger structure.  A rigid steel framing system places steel columns 25-feet  Wood framing, on the other hand, requires studs every 16 inches.
  • Close-up of steel framing pieces bolted together.READY-TO-ASSEMBLE: A RHINO prefab building arrives ready to start bolting together.  Every piece is cut to length, welded into shape, pre-drilled, painted, clearly marked, and ready to assemble.  Conversely, in wood framing the lumber must be sorted and culled to eliminate warped or damaged studs.  Every piece of framing must be measured, sawed, and nailed together pieces by pieces to form walls and rafters.
  • LESS ERRORS: The factory-produced framing pieces used in a prefabricated metal building reduces human errors that waste time and materials.  A premium steel building kit fits together precisely.  Consequently, a RHINO prefabricated metal building goes up only one way— the right way.
  • WELDED CLIPS: Unlike cheaply made steel structures, a RHINO prefab metal building includes factory-welded clips.  Our welded clips make locating secondary framing on the main frames easy, speeding up construction.  Welded clips are also stronger than the bolt-on clips used on an inferior prefabricated metal building.

Conclusion: A Steel Building Kit Saves Time and Money

The faster erection of a RHINO prefab building helps keep your construction project on time and on budget.

Build a Prefab Metal Building with a Business Built on Trust

Photo of the RHINO website on a computer screen.RHINO believes treating the customer right is the only way to do business.  This old business maxim sums up the RHINO philosophy of customer service: “Customers may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you make them feel.”

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(Updated 9-2-2020.  Originally published 5-26-2017.)