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50 Reasons to Choose RHINO Steel Buildings

Discover Why RHINO Stands Out from the Common Herd

There are many pre-engineered metal building companies, but few match RHINO steel buildings. RHINO delivers a quality product, an affordable price, and phenomenal customer service.

Look at all the ways you will benefit from choosing RHINO as your metal building source.

Quality Product, Quality Package

All metal building systems are not created equal. To compare steel buildings, you must compare the total building package.

A rhino stands in a massive clear-span steel warehouse under construction, with the heading: "Nothing's Built Like a RHINO."RHINO steel buildings provide the following benefits, many of which are not included with other metal buildings:

1.  High-quality, weather-resistant, commercial-grade steel framing

2.  Steel framing guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes for the LIFETIME of the structure

3.  Designed exactly to the customer’s specifications and specific local building codes

4.  Pre-engineered to deliver the strongest structure, the least amount of waste, and the fastest framing assembly of any building system, cutting construction time by about 33%

5.  Building manufactured to precise tolerances for complete quality control

6.  Fast delivery in 4-7 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design

7.  Shipped from nearest factory to the job site to reduce freight costs

8.  Complete list of all materials shipped, with all framing factory marked for easy identification

9.  Clips pre-welded at the factory for quick and easy attachment of girts and purlins

10.  High-strength steel bolts and nuts for secure connections

11.  One framed opening up to 30’ wide included in a standard package

12.  Cover trim for all framed openings for a more professional appearance

13.  Extended-life, self-drilling screws with waterproof sealing washers

14.  High-tensile, purling bearing rib (PBR) Galvalume® steel roof and wall panels; additional overlap for stronger connections and a watertight structure; 25-year panel warranty; wide range of color choices

15.  Formed base trim deters rust and eliminates the need for “notching” the concrete slab, saving money on slab

16.  Die-formed ridge caps that match the profile of the roofing panels for a perfect, waterproof fit

17.  Foam rubber closure strips shaped to fit the roofing panels for a watertight seal at the eaves

18.  Strong, double-sided mastic tape for additional waterproof sealing

19.  3 sets of plans— stamped by an engineer licensed for that location— and a letter of certification

20.  Anchor bolt plan

21.  Installation manual and construction video on DVD

22.  Unbeatable resistance to damage from fire, mold, termites, earthquakes, high winds, heavy snows, and lightning

23.  Insurance discounts offered by from most companies for building with a “commercial-grade” building material

24.  Unlimited choice of building sizes to fit your specific needs

25.  Easily expansion or remodeling if future needs change

A Eco-friendly, Green Building System

26.  RHINO framing contains up to 90.7% recycled steel

27.  Extended building life conserves resources

28.  Framing and steel panels 100% recyclable after the building outlives its usefulness

Customize Your Metal Building with Options from RHINO

In addition to all the standard features of RHINO metal buildings, we also offer an array of optional building items to customize your structures. These options enhance the appearance, functionality, and value of a steel building.

For your convenience, everything you order ships with your building.

RHINO pre-engineered steel building options include:

29.  Pro-Value Insulation packages for maximum energy efficiency; slashes heating and cooling costs in half

30.  Top-of-the-line, 24-gauge standing seam roof panels in choice of colors

31.  Quality-made steel gutters and downspouts in colors to match building trim

32.  Interior steel panels and partitions in choice of colors

33.  Heavy-duty steel walk-in doors in choice of styles and sizes, including double doors

34.  Highly-reflective, energy-efficient cool-coated steel panels for added energy savings

35.  Automatic door closers, panic devices with lever locksets and removable mullions

36.  Mezzanine floor systems

37.  Steel canopy kits in colors to match steel wall panels

38.  Canopies for customized designs

39.  Gable or hip roof heights at 5:12 pitch and above

40.  Overhead doors in a variety of styles and sizes, from garage doors to aircraft hangar doors, standard or insulated; high wind-rated for location or preference

41.  Electric operators for overhead doors

42.  Ridge-mounted steel vents and louvered vents

43.  Translucent skylights and wall panels

44.  Dektite® flexible flashing for additional leak protection around pipes

Unsurpassed Service

RHINO’s service goes far and beyond that of cut-rate metal building companies. You can choose RHINO metal buildings with confidence because:

45.  Each of our friendly, professional metal building specialists averages 12 years of experience in the metal building industry. They know our products— and the building industry— from foundation to roof peak. They will answer every question and make your building experience positive— and simple. RHINO’s specialists are well prepared to offer a solution for every metal building situation.

46.  RHINO’s industry-wide reputation for quality

47.  RHINO carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

48.  Your greatest assurance of RHINO’s service is the number of customers who return to RHINO for additional orders. In the past year 39.1% of all RHINO’s orders have been from returning customers— or those referred by us by satisfied RHINO building buyers.

49.  Thousands of RHINO metal buildings have shipped all across America, Canada, and Mexico.

50. Assurance You are Getting the BEST DEAL in STEEL Buildings

Don’t delay. Call RHINO now and start planning your steel building today at 940.383.9566.