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40 x 80 Metal Building IconBig Value for Slim Lots

Need a medium-sized building for a long, narrow lot? Twice as long as wide, a 40’ x 80’ metal building aptly suits properties with a narrow frontage.

While the 40’ x 60’ metal building remains RHINO’s most popular building size, the 40’ x 80’ steel building brings the owner an additional 800 square feet— without increasing the width of the footprint.

With 3,200 square feet (measured by the out-to-out of the steel framing), a 40’ x 80’ RHINO metal building promises flexibility and delivers every option imaginable.

Endless Uses for 40 x 80 Metal Buildings

It is impossible to list the scores of applications possible for a building this size. However, RHINO customers find a longer, narrower structure works particularly well for end uses requiring two or more distinct work areas.

Many businesses need a front section to cater to customers and a back section where the real work goes on.

For example, a restaurant requires a kitchen and food preparation area separate from the dining area. A manufacturing plant often calls for office space in the front of the building, with the factory space in the back. An auto parts store or tire store must have customer service counter and a comfortable waiting room in the front of the building, with mechanics stations and inventory space in the back.

Printing shops, caterers, bakers, florists, and other walk-in customer businesses greet clients in an attractive and comfortable front office, while the back of the building houses the production area. Retail businesses who display their products in a front showroom need offices and stockrooms in the back of the building.

Medical practices find a 40’ x 80’ configuration practical, too. The front of the building usually contains check-in desk, restrooms, and the patient waiting room. Examination rooms, test equipment rooms, administrative offices, and storage areas are in the back. Veterinarians appreciate a similar structure for their four-legged patients.

In agriculture, a multi-use building of this size might include hay storage in one end, with livestock stalls in the other. Or perhaps equipment storage and workshop areas in one end, with tack room or office in the other end.

Homeowners can find endless uses for such a structure, to house equipment, cars, hobbies, home offices, recreation areas, or just plain junk.

As you can see, the applications for a 40’ x 80’ are limitless.

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