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40 x 60 Metal Building IconRHINO’s Most Popular Building

Without a doubt, the most popular size RHINO structure is the 40’ x 60’ metal building.  One of our most versatile structures, this mid-size building works well for many customers, and in a variety of applications.

Although you can order a 40’ x 60’ metal building at any eave height you desire— up to 40’ tall as a standard— the vast majority of our orders at the size have 12’ or 14’ eave heights.  (Eave heights over 40’ require a custom quote.)

40 x 60 Metal Building for Rural Use

While some residential lots within city limits cannot hold a 40’ x 60’ structure, rural landowners, small ranch and farm operations, and people with larger lots appreciate the roomy 2,400 square feet.  A versatile size at an economical price, this structure performs equally well for single use or as a multi-purpose building.

Use it for storage, equipment, or livestockInsulate it and add heat and air conditioning, if you require it.

A 40’ x 60’ metal building kit serves long and well, adding value to your property— and value to your life.

40 x 60 Metal Building for Retail and Commercial Enterprises

Real estate investors find the 40’ x 60’ steel building makes leasing less problematic.  Since the structure is self-supporting, interior walls can be added or subtracted at will.  As each new tenant invariably has completely different needs and often requires some remodeling, the versatility of steel buildings really pays off.

Locally owned hardware stores tend to be in this size range, as well as auto parts stores and machine shops.

In fact, any small business could make its home in this structure, from retail operations, to small manufacturing companies, to municipal buildings like rural firehouses.  The boxy shape of the 40’ x 60’ metal building also works well as a steel hangar for smaller aircraft.

Steel Buildings Save Trees

Nature needs a century to grow a Douglas Fir to an 18” diameter.  Only two man-hours or less are required to manufacture a ton of recycled steel.

Eight or nine junked automobiles can yield the recycled steel for the framing of a 2,400 square foot building.  A wood-framed building the same size needs the lumber milled from 60-70 trees.

Since RHINO buildings are prefabricated in quality-controlled factories, practically no waste is produced at the job site.  The framing arrives ready to erect, with each part already cut, welded, punched, drilled, and marked.  The framing assembles in about one-third less time than traditional building materials.

RHINO’s knowledgeable steel framing specialists can answer all your questions and provide you with a free estimate on 40×60 metal building floor plans. Please call now: 940.383.9566.