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Steel Buildings in Arizona

Metal Buildings in Arizona: A Grand Choice for the ‘Grand Canyon State’

Arizona is a land of grandeur. It is a state of extreme contrasts— varied, breathtakingly beautiful— and often wildly unpredictable.

Structures in Arizona must be strong enough to withstand wide-ranging climates across the state.  Some of the steel buildings in Arizona provided by RHINO Steel include:

  • Pole Barns in Arizona
  • Steel Warehouses for Arizona
  • Steel Industrial Buildings in Arizona
  • Steel Church Buildings for Arizonians
  • Arizona Steel Aircraft Hangars
  • Recreational Buildings for Arizona
  • Prefabricated Steel Buildings in Arizona
  • Metal Garages in Arizona
  • Arizona Metal Storage Buildings
  • Arizonian Indoor Horse Arenas
  • Steel Commercial Buildings in Arizona
  • Agricultural Steel Buildings for Arizonians
  • Metal Barns in Arizona

Steel Buildings Arizona with state flagRHINO’s Steel Buildings in Arizona Resist Weather Extremes

Arizona is known for its warm, dry climate. Nevertheless, Flagstaff, Arizona actually received more snow in the winter of 2009-2010 than did Anchorage, Alaska— 219”.

Designed to meet or exceed all building codes— including freak snowstorms— all RHINO metal buildings stand up to all types of weather better than traditional building methods.

Annual rainfall totals across Arizona are erratic. Yuma averages only 3.3 inches of rain per year, while the mountain regions in the eastern part of the state may receive ten times that amount.

Every RHINO steel building in ARIZONA includes many waterproofing features as part of the standard prefabricated building package. Each RHINO steel building assures a snug structure without the condensation problems associated with many other metal building systems.

Temperature extremes across Arizona range from a whopping 128 degrees Fahrenheit at Lake Havasu City in 1994, to a numbing -40 degrees at Hawley Lake in 1971.

RHINO’s Pro-Value insulation options keep climate-controlled structures running smoothly and economically at any temperature. RHINO customers pay up to 50% less for heating and cooling costs with Pro-Value insulation. Choosing cool-coated steel exterior roof and wall panels saves even more on energy consumption.

RHINO Metal Buildings for Arizona’s Earthquake Zones

While not generally known as an earthquake-prone area, Arizona experienced several notable seismic events over the years.

In September 1910, a series of 52 violent earthquakes drove a construction crew near Flagstaff from their camp, as boulders rolled down the mountains. Indians fled the region when a particularly strong quake hit the San Francisco Mountains. In January 1935, a tremor scarred the landscape with a 50-mile long crack near the San Francisco Range.

A study by Arizona State University found almost 1,000 earthquakes rattled the state from 2006-2009.

Fortunately, prefab RHINO steel buildings in Arizona possess built-in resistance to earthquakes, as well as fires, snows, strong winds, and lightning.

RHINO Metal Buildings for Every Use in Arizona

Versatile and flexible, RHINO metal buildings for Arizona fit almost all one or two-story building needs. Prefab RHINO metal buildings are the smart choice for agricultural, commercial, industrial, recreational, and personal structures.

RHINO metal buildings erect quickly, require little maintenance, and expand easily when required.

Exterior steel panels and trim are available in a choice of attractive colors. However, steel building facades may also be included with materials like stucco, brick, stone, glass, wood, or tilt-up concrete for a more traditional appearance.

Have questions? Call RHINO today at 940.383.9566 for details or a free quote.