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60 x 100 Metal Building Icon6,000 Square Feet of Possibilities

RHINO has delivered custom steel buildings as large as 275’ x 600’.  However, our most popular sizes continued to be in the mid-sized range.  The average sized RHINO order is about 6,000 square feet— like a 60’ x 100’ metal building.

60 x 100 Metal Building for Retail, Commercial, or Industrial Use

While some individuals purchase buildings in this size rang, commercial and industrial clients account for most sales for 60’ x 100’ metal buildings.

As with the 50’ x 100’, the 60’ x 100’ works great for casual dining restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, barns, medical clinics, veterinarian clinics, dance studios, aircraft hangars, and churches.

Retail operations with larger merchandise appreciate the additional 20% floor space.

For example, furniture stores require considerably more operating space than smaller products, such as jewelry.  Appliance dealers and bedding goods also need bigger stores.  Clothing businesses and outlet stores may also require larger floor space.

Retail operations like garden shops must have ample area.  (RHINO’s skylights and wall lights would enhance greenhouse operations.)

Automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, lawn mowers, ATVs, boats, or campers showrooms find the increased width of a 60’ structure permits eye-catching glass storefront windows.

Smaller independent department stores, with a huge and varied inventory, appreciate the 1,000 extra square feet provided by a 60’ x 100’ metal building over a 50’ x 100’ store.

RHINO-Tough Metal Buildings

Regardless of what size building your project demands, RHINO offers the best in quality and price.

RHINO’s prefabricated steel building system takes full advantage of the superior strength of steel.  Our buildings can clearspan huge areas— up to 150’ wide on a standard quote.  Even larger widths are available with a custom quote.

RHINO’s framing is computer-designed, cut, welded, drilled, and marked for convenience.  All clips are pre-welded to the frames, making attachment of girts and purlins much simpler.  Prefabrication saves as much as one-third on construction time over more labor-intensive building methods.

RHINO’s metal buildings are also a “green” building choice.  Our commercial-grade framing contains almost 90% recycled material.  With an optional Pro-Value Insulation Package, a RHINO building cuts heating and cooling bills as much as half.

RHINO building packages include many benefits and features considered as upgrades with other metal buildings companies.  Why pay more for what is already included in the RHINO standard package?

Learn more about what a 60’x100′ steel building costs and experience The RHINO Difference by calling RHINO now at 940.383.9566.