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40 x 50 Metal Building IconCommercial or Personal Applications

About half the rural homes you see possess at least one steel-framed outbuilding.  Many homes in residential neighborhoods across America’s towns and cities now also boast metal buildings on the property.

That’s because prefabricated metal buildings are the faster, stronger, better way to build— and a great way to increase your property value.

A 40 x 50 Metal Building for Residential Use

Whether you need storage space, equipment shelter, a guest cottage, an RV garage, or a multi-purpose structure, a RHINO prefab metal building fulfills your needs.

For example, let’s look at just some of the possible uses for a 40’ x 50’ metal building.

Out-to-out dimensions of the steel framing determine the square footage of a metal building.  Therefore, a 40’ x 50’ steel building yields a 2,000 square foot structure.  (The actual interior floor space will be slightly less).

Dividing a 40’ x 50’ into sections allows multiple uses.

For example, a storage section, a private home office, and a theater-style media room for the family could share one building.  Insulating only the occupied sections for climate controlled comfort, and excluding the storage area from insulation, would save on building costs.

Or perhaps you could use half the structure as a garage, and the other half enclosed and insulated for use as a private guest cottage or secluded study and exercise room.  Or how about creating a den-like “man cave” for when the guys come over to watch the game?

There are as many uses for a RHINO metal building as you have ideas.  Just imagine all the possibilities with our 40×50 metal building kits.

A 40 x 50 Metal Building for Business

As versatile as a metal outbuilding is for home use, there are even more commercial and light industrial applications.

A 40’ x 50’ metal building typically houses a restaurant with seating for 50-70.  The same size structure might shelter a chic boutique, a hobby shop, a weight room, a computer store, a welding shop, a dental office, or a muffler and break shop.   A 40′ x 50′ steel building could also be used as a private plane hangar or a small manufacturing facility.

There are no limits.  It is all about the design choices you make for your unique business enterprise or personal metal building.

Whatever your vision for a building, please call RHINO at 940.383.9566.  Let our metal building specialists help make your vision a reality.